'Gusto ko magmukha siyang gaming house.'
Joshua Garcia is still saving up for his dream house."Gusto ko magmukha siyang gaming house," the Ngayon at Kailanman actor told PEP.ph and other members of the press on October 25."Nandun na lahat-may bilyaran, may space para sa
You know the story well: You spend a good 45 minutes debating whether or not to go out in the first place because you're still paying off last month's credit card bills, but three hours and a bottle and a
Things change when it's your own—and not your parents'—money you're using.
Just how do Filipinas in their 20s and 30s fare when it comes to spending their salary? What do they splurge on and save up for? We spoke to seven women about their shopping and spending habits, and this is what we
Don't be fooled by the 50% price reduction.
Start by sourcing.You've probably been doing it but just haven't noticed. Like in any other shopping trip, scout the stores for things that you might want to buy. It's basically window shopping while mentally bookmarking items. Start with
Meaning 'matipid,' not 'kuripot.'
1. He has wise spending habits. There'll be no dropping of cold hard cash on payday weekend for another pair of kicks or spending on lavish parties at noisy clubs with his best buds. Aware of what he can afford and
The things we can't keep are priceless.
Would you rather have a new designer bag or travel to your choice of destination? I know which I'd pick.Here are some reasons why experiences should be the higher priority:1. We get used to the things we have. The
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