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Yup, you read that correctly. SEMEN.SPERM. SMOOTHIES.Vegan and personal trainer Tracy Kiss had been feeling rundown, and wanted something that would give her a boost of energy. So naturally, she asked her friend for some of his *juice* and he
Semen's great for sensitive skin, apparently.
You've gotta love the internet for bringing trends to our attention that we might not otherwise imagine exist. Case in point: sperm facials! It's something beauty vlogger Tracy Kiss is celebrating for soothing her sensitive skin. Try not to gag,
A complete list of pros and cons according to #science.
PRO: When applied to the face, semen has anti-aging effects, according to nuclear physicist and Nobel Prize winner Spin City actress and David Spade's ex-girlfriend Heather Locklear.CON: Two Vice.com writers, one male and one female, tested out
From food and scents to fooling around, here are some alarming things that amp up your lovemaking!
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