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You're still at risk for UV damage.
One of the most common misconceptions about sunscreen is that you don't need to apply it if you're only staying indoors. Well, you still need it. There are a lot of reasons you shouldn't skip this
As a skincare junkie, you respect the cardinal rule of *never* skipping SPF application. You are, however, caught with a dilemma by the time midday rolls around-the layer of protection underneath all your makeup is gone. You can't exactly
Just when you thought it was safe to go outside.
If you've ever mixed some liquid highlighter into your base or boosted your moisturizer with a few drops of face oil, welcome to our club: We love a bit of freewheeling, product-enhancing skin cocktailing in the Cosmopolitan beauty department.
For that ~*extra*~ protection!
If you live or work in the city, chances are, you're exposed to pollution daily-it's a sad truth that we have to deal with. Smoke and heat wreak havoc on our complexions, accelerating the appearance of aging
A new study suggests otherwise.
Moisturizers containing SPF may not be an effective way to protect yourself from the sun, reveals a new study unveiled at the British Association of Dermatologists' annual conference.Using a specially modified camera that only sees UV light, researchers at the
They're just as susceptible to sun damage!
Heading out? Not too fast! Before enjoying your time out in the sun-and even on your regular commute, because surprise, surprise, it's always sunny AF these days-make sure to put on some sunscreen. And we don't just mean
Good news, beach babes!
Research from around the world has concluded that a dose of sunny weather is good for us.While it's well known that sun exposure without SPF can result in skin cancer and premature aging, researchers from various global institutes have found
Tsk, tsk.
Did you know that your lips could totally get sunburnt, too? Actress Lena Dunham tweeted once:Sunburned my lips today. It hurts but I highly recommend it to all the ladies looking for a raspberry stain that ya just can't
Don't make these boo-boos when it comes to SPF.
It's easy to get excited and forget about applying sunscreen when the beach is waiting for you to dive in. Heed these reminders so you can always keep your skin thoroughly protected:1. You don't apply it naked. It's
You're not just becoming a bronze goddess.
It's totally understandable to want to have a little color, but you shouldn't lie out with the intent to get a tan that rivals the skin of the Tan Mom."Even if you're using an SPF of 30 or
Applying SPF is non-negotiable, and you know it.
So what if it's a gloomy day? So what if it's raining outside? You still shouldn't scrimp on sunblock. Allow us to get all scientific on you. According to Dr. Kaycee Reyes M.D., D.C.
Practice safe sun this season by shielding every inch of you from harmful UV rays. Check out these makeup, skincare, and body care products!
By now, we're sure you're daydreaming about all the beach trips and outdoor gimiks you've got planned for the months ahead. But as you start hunting down the latest summer promos and swimwear trends, it'
Columnist Bianca shares the essentials every (aspiring) tanned babe should invest in this summer.
If we are to base it on the most popular products in the market (whitening), Filipinas, in general, prefer fair, whitest of white skin. But, that doesn't mean you shouldn't experiment with your looks just for summer.Women with darker
Wherever you go this season, be sure you're armed with sun protection essentials for an awesome, worry-free summer vacay.
Brave the harsh rays of the sun looking fab. Click through our gallery of makeup products you may want to try especially for the season.
For times when you barely have the energy (or time) to be <em>kikay,</em> here are Cosmo's quick fixes.
What you're too lazy for: Painting on a workday face with brushes and surgical precisionLazy Beauty Move: Smoosh on makeup with your fingers.While there's nothing that can enhance a face like pretty makeup, we know how all