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Gather your girlfriends! This is one trip you should NEVER miss.
It's not difficult to find a place to hang out with your girlfriends in Singapore. Known for its eclectic nightlife, the city has become the place to be if you want to chill at a rooftop bar or party at a
You're all invited!
When you answered our Reader's Survey last year, we discovered that Cosmo Pinays like you are now focusing on seeing more of the world, getting fitter, investing wisely, dressing better, and blooming more beautifully.In celebration of Cosmo's 18th year,
Nothing says sumer than the comfort of simplicity.
Staycationing this summer? Whether you're cooling down indoors or walking around in search of fun things to do, having the right footwear makes any activity breezy for a Cosmo Girl like you. Good thing Lacoste came out with two new designs
And they looked hot on Cosmo's 8 Sexiest Models!
We went to the Manila International Auto Show 2015 on April 9 at the World Trade Center and although we were totally thrilled when Cosmo's 8 Sexiest Model alumna Ria Bolivar unveiled the sleek new Mazda2, something else caught our eye:
Summer beauty woes, solved! Now you can obsess over that cute lifeguard instead.
The Problem: Chapped lipsThe Answer: Petroleum JellyAside from drinking more H2O, your best bet to combat chapped lips is a tiny tub of petroleum jelly. This wonderful kikay invention won't just make your perfume stay longer, it also guarantees moisture
Plus, find out what's really causing your skin to dry out.
Judging from the bikini selfies and beach photos on our IG feeds, it looks like summer is in full swing once again. But be careful-the heat also takes its toll on us. Case in point: Does your skin feel drier these
How to stay fresh and flawless, as shared by your favorite stars.
We went to Watsons Womens' Wellness event on April 11 at the SM Mall Of Asia Atrium and asked the A-listers we spotted for their super secret beauty tips. Read on!"Be simple and be yourself." - Nadine LustreTake it from Nadine
Snap a selfie with your pet. We're calling it the pelfie!
Selfies are a great way to show the world what you've been up to, what you're feeling at the moment, and who you're sharing your free time with. Here are some selfie poses you probably haven't taken yet!
Give it a rest. Your soles will thank us.
Sure, we've repeatedly told you how heels are a game changer: they instantly elongate your legs, give you a perkier butt, and even compel cute guys to help you out. BUT here's the truth: sometimes, the high isn't worth
In celebration of Belo Medical Group’s 25 Years of beauty expertise comes two new exciting launches.
Having a sexy body is essential to superstar Marian Rivera, but maintaining fantastic skin is an entirely different story. "Having beautiful skin is very important to me, lalo na ngayon na nahilig ako sa pagpost sa social media and Instagram [especially now
Find out what's keeping your skin in a constant dry spell!
Summer is officially here, CGs! We know you're super excited to don your bikinis and your floppy hats and get away from all the stress of work. But before you do, you need to make sure you're ready for one
Say goodbye to oily skin!
Summer is great and all, but it also means a makeup meltdown literally 10 minutes after you put it on. Here, 8 ways to make sure this doesn't happen. 1. Prime your face.Use a primer to prolong your foundation and
These summer staples will take you from the city to the sea, and beyond!
Summer is officially here and if there's anything we love about this season, it's the amount of tropical prints and fun colors we get to wear under the sun.From the city to the sea, the Lacoste footwear collection combines
Attention CGs! We have an important question to ask.
Think your skin is safe? Think again. One of the culprits for your dry skin is right around the corner.Cast your votes on our poll below and let us know which of these causes your dry skin. Who knows? You might
Give yourself a little breather with these tips.
1. Do a quick trip to the spa.Survived a tough day filled with deadly deadlines at work? You deserve a reward-a.k.a. a massage! Visit nearby spas and wellness centers for a 30-minute head or back massage to
Say bye bye to obesity!
In this age of fast lives with barely any time to work out, we can't help but rely on fast food most of the time. However, many studies have proven that too much fast food plays a big part in becoming
Learn how the liver loving Silymarin works for you!
According to a report by Euromonitor, Filipinos are the 3rd heaviest drinkers in the world. While many people think of this as a feat to be proud of, doctors would disagree as excessive alcohol consumption is one of the leading causes of
In our book, three's a charm! Here's why we can't wait to line up for Ines de la Fressange's third collab with Uniqlo.
Fashion is not just about style - it's also collaboration. And what better way to do it than collaborating with only the best names in fashion, which is exactly what Uniqlo did for its 2015 collection. So let Uniqlo collaborate -so to
Check out which activity suits you best!
Not sure what to do this weekend? Grab your favorite snack and take this quiz to decide!
Add these <i>kilig</i>-inducing books to your break time reading list!
If you ask us, the best way to spend your free time is to read, read, read. Not only will it make your mind sharper, several studies also show that reading can reduce stress levels and encourage positive thinking! Check out these