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Who are you dressing up as this year?
You don't need to spend lots on a memorable Halloween costume. You just need to be creative and nail the key elements of whoever you're imitating. If K-dramas have been your lifeline lately, why not dress up as one
Catch his latest drama, 'Bad And Crazy,' this December!
If you're keeping up with streaming trends, then you've probably already watched everyone's fave survival drama, Squid Game. ICYMI, it now holds the record for Netflix's biggest debut with over 111 million views in just a few weeks.
*manifesting for a Season 2 appearance*
Anyone with access to the internet would know that Squid Game is the *the* show everyone's been talking about since it premiered last month. It's so huge that it's officially become the biggest show to ever
He owns a restaurant that has the same name as his movie with Jun Ji Hyun!
Recently, TikTok has been my source of entertainment and it seems like Lee Jung Jae is on my FYP every day. I got so *immersed* in the fan videos that featured him so I did some research-and found out that he
Hello, Player 067!
It's almost been a month since Netflix released Squid Game, and its fame isn't showing any signs of slowing down-in fact, it's *officially* the most popular show that the streaming service debuted! Now while we
Chingus forever!
Thanks to Squid Game, we're adding another pair of Korean celebrity BFFs to our list and it's none other than Jung Ho Yeon and Lee Yoo Mi! In the hit Netflix thriller, the two were cast as Kang
More interactions between them, please!
Fanboy mode on: Lee Min Ho expressing his ~feels~ to Lee Jung Jae via Instagram is the cutest thing you'll see today!Last week, the cast of Squid Game made a special guest appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy
So about that *last* game...
If you've found yourself transfixed to the point of obsession with Netflix's Squid Game, then you're definitely not alone. The Korean drama follows modern day players taking part in a survival game, competing against each other
From 410,000 to 18 million, just like that.
It's official: Squid Game actress Jung Ho Yeon is now the most followed South Korean actress on Instagram.From 410,000 followers before Squid Game premiered, she currently has a following of *18.1 million* followers. She mostly posts behind-
The woman has already been diagnosed with acute stress disorder.
Netflix and production house Siren Pictures will be editing out the phone number appearing in its hit show, Squid Game.Reports earlier confirmed that people have the same phone numbers in the invitation cards featured in the series. As a result, they&#
It's the 'Squid Game' costume effect!
Looking for an easy yet cool Halloween costume? Opt for a green tracksuit plus a pair of white slip-on sneakers and call it a day! This combo would be a sure hit this year, thanks to the massive success of Netflix&#
Because we know you love them! *wink*
Confession time: I've been *so* obsessed with Squid Game in the past few weeks that I keep on singing "Mugunghwa kkoci pieot seumnida" wherever I go, LOL. My TikTok feed is also full of all things Squid Game and I
Get ready to play Red Light, Green Light!
It's been almost a month since Squid Game premiered on Netflix, and yet we're still not over this Korean series! TBH, the plot is *intense* and as a fair warning, it definitely is NOT for the faint of
This actually makes so much sense.
Squid Game has officially got us hooked, and it's safe to say we're filled with questions about the show. However, it looks like the mystery surrounding one pretty huge plot point could be solved, and it's
When he came up with the idea for the drama more than a decade ago, he was strapped for cash because no one wanted it.
If there's one person who's currently enjoying the global success of Squid Game, that would be the drama's creator, Hwang Dong Hyuk. In the past three weeks, Netflix viewers have been watching the psychological thriller and
It was originally not part of the script!
Don't you just love it when Korean actors add their ~own touch~ in a K-drama? Also called ad-libs, this is a moment when they deliver something spontaneous that ends up being an amazing clip! Case in point: Lee
White slip-on Vans have spiked 7,800% in sales since the drama was released on Netflix!
Found yourself a cool Halloween costume yet? Opt for a green tracksuit plus a pair of white slip-on sneakers and call it a day! This combo would be a sure hit this year anyway, thanks to the massive success of Netflix&#
Welcome to IG, Gi Hoon-ssi!
The *long* wait is over, you guys-Lee Jung Jae is now on Instagram!Over the weekend, the Squid Game actor (who plays Sung Gi Hoon) launched his personal IG account, much to the delight of his fans. Prior to this, Lee
Netflix released 11 images to choose from.
Raise your hands if you thought WFH meant having less work meetings to attend! Yup, we were all young and naive at one point. If anything, working online means people seem to think they can call you whenever, wherever. Now, there is
ICYDK, the 'mannequins' in the VIP room are real people.
While watching Squid Game, it probably took you a few seconds to realize that those "mannequins" in the VIP room were actual people. Yup, they were actors covered in body paint, which makes the scene even more bizarre and creepy: YouTube couple