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To the left, to the left.
AGE 13-14He was my first love! My first kiss! He said we'll be together forever until I start getting really old and wrinkly. *bawls*AGE 15-16I still believe in true love. I still believe in true love. I still
Public Display of Affection through the years!
AGE 13-14My first kiss! Best. Day. Ever. OMG, I have to tell ALL my friends. AGE 15-16 Twitter and Facebook flirting is as public as it gets. Maybe I should post patama song lyrics and see if my crush notices.
Oh, to be young and wild and hormonal.
AGE 11 - 13OMG. I met the cutest boy through my cousin while we were hanging out this summer. This could be the best summer ever: the summer I finally meet the love of my life. (Also, the summer I finally got my
From all-consuming <i>kilig</i> to just, like, whatever.
AGE 11-13I just saw that Samantha clutching a bunch of roses. Ugh, some girls are so lucky. Why can't that ever happen to me? I wish my crush would give me roses. Or a love letter. Or a look. Anything,
From the giddiness of first dates to the grumpiness of no dates.
AGE 13 - 14I'm nervous. This is my first date ever. What if he kisses me? What am I supposed to do with my lips? Am I supposed to waggle my tongue around like they do in the movies? Isn't that,
Since it's love month, we're letting our mushy sides run wild! Cosmo tells you how a guy goes from just dating you to totally devoted to you...and reveals the telltale signs that give him away.
1. Initial InfatuationHow He'll Act: "He might be self-conscious and stumble over his words, or he'll do the opposite-talk himself up in an attempt to impress you," says Peter Andersen, PhD, author of The Complete Idiot's Guide