A new Starbucks program awaits us.
If you're the type of person who collects their gorgeous Starbucks Rewards Cards, we have some unfortunate news for you. Soon, you'll need to bid farewell to your Starbucks Rewards card because it will be deactivated by June
What we'd do to have our favorite drink served in person again.
Our lives, it seems, have changed for the foreseeable future. The little things we once took for granted have now become frivolous luxuries we can do without during a pandemic. It wasn't so long ago, if you recall, that you
It takes effect today.
Nowadays, it seems that you always have to be watching your phone for updates on everything. One minute, you need a quarantine pass, the next minute, you don't; one minute you're on community quarantine, the next you'
There's always room for dessert.
On your next coffee run to Starbucks, pair your cup of joe with their newly released desserts and pastries on the menu. Who knows, you just might find your new favorite for this year!The new tasty offerings on Starbucks' menu
Can I have one venti latte, with Watermelon Sugar?
Is there nothing Harry Styles can't do? I mean, after the release of his second studio album Fine Line, the former One Direction singer has apparently surfaced at a Starbucks drive-through in America.Okay, so it's not
Calling all ARMYs! This is not a drill: Starbucks Korea is releasing a product line in collaboration with BTS.The campaign, which will run from January 21 to February 6, 2020, is called, "Be the Brightest Stars," and it features six limited
Here's to new beginnings!
The year 2019 is about to come to an end, and that means it's officially planner season! Whether you're into journaling, or you want to start the new year with new organizing habits, these planners are great partners
You'll want all the colors.
Christmas is roughly two months away and you know that means? The annual Starbucks Christmas Planner frenzy's right around the corner! Get ready to down all the beverages that you can because their new planners and travel organizers for the
Planner collection season is just around the corner!
Starbucks just made us even more excited for the Christmas season. They just dropped a video on their Facebook and Instagram accounts, giving us a glimpse of their 2020 planner and travel organizers.The coffeehouse chain captioned its post, "Are You Ready
The collection features Rachel Zoe's signature palm leaf and leopard prints!
Make room for another tumbler in your growing collection because Starbucks has dropped its new collab with none other than celebrity stylist and fashion designer, Rachel Zoe.ICYDK, many credit Rachel for pioneering the boho chic style; remember in the early 2000s
Starbucks partnered with a luxury sunglasses brand from Australia, and everything is so chic!
With your next paycheck just around the corner, you might want to allocate a small portion of that to what we're sure will be your next obsession: Starbucks' new collection! Starbucks has partnered with Pared Eyewear, a luxury sunglasses
Pa-cute and proud!
Every morning, when you order your perfect cup of coffee, you probably take a picture and post it on your Instagram or Facebook Stories. Well, Starbucks' new collection will make you want to take photos WITH your cup of joe. Starbucks
Move over, Starbucks cup.
This post contains spoilers about Game of Thrones season 8.I understand that hard-core fans are pretty disappointed with yesterday's episode of Game of Thrones. Daenerys' character arc is currently taking the shape of James Charles' subscriber
I'm living for this.
Look, as much as we all love Game of Thrones, there's no denying that last week's episode was kinda messy. Mostly thanks to the fact that the show legitimately left what appeared to be a Starbucks cup in
Plus how much that type of product placement would cost.
While the last episode of Game Of Thrones brought us a LOT of drama to dissect (oh hey Brienne's heartbreak and Missandei's dying words), many viewers couldn't quite get over the accidental coffee cup that was
Jon needs his frappuccinos, kay?
Look, yesterday's Game of Thrones episode was all kinds of rough, thanks to [SPOILER ALERT] not one but two major characters dying in the worst ways ever, not to mention Jon Snow rejecting Ghost without even giving him a boop
You can get a discount on your drink when you use them!
City life can get really busy (and pretty exhausting), so a caffeine kick every once in a while is a must. It's always best to have your coffee at the café-you can ask to have your drink in a
It's called the Nature Collection.
It lasted too long, but January is finally over. How did it go? Truthfully, most of you have probably broken your resolutions at this point, slipping back into old habits and letting the usual stressors take over. But it's not
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