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'Walang matutulog ha! 1 million ito.'
Ivana Alawi just turned 25, and while the YouTube maven didn't throw a lavish bash on her own, Okada Manila made sure to give her a glamorous affair nonetheless.Along with her mother and three siblings, Ivana went on a two-
Staycation guests must not be below 18 or above 65 years old.
Following months of closure in 2020, a small number of hotels in the Phlippine capital reopened in January only to be forced to close again amid a surge in COVID-19 cases in March. And so it is with a sigh of
You can book a room for only P5,000 (and the entire place for P20,000).
When it comes to business, celebrity couple Chito Miranda and Neri Naig just know what they're doing-and even when they don't, go pa rin. In fact, Neri once said, "Kapag may maisip akong business idea, yung kikiligin
It's tucked behind verdant surroundings.
For most weekend travelers, Tagaytay City in Cavite is the go-to place for an impromptu roadtrip. It is home to a number of accommodations for any type of tourist, from luxurious hotels to one-of-a-kind bed and breakfasts. If
The best spots for a solo trip, romantic rendezvous, or barkada getaway.
For your next getaway, avoid the big spending and airport anxiety that comes with a distant destination. Instead, pack a weekender bag and head just outside the Metro for a staycation that is easy to plan and easy to get to. Whether
Everybody needs a break.
With less than three months away till 2020, you only have a limited amount of time to squeeze in a much needed, last-minute staycation. And girl, gamitin mo na yang VLs mo. From October 10 to 15, TRYP by Wyndham Mall
Just think: delicious food, clean hotel sheets, and amazing service.
Can you believe we're halfway through 2019? It seems like it was just yesterday that I was promising to exercise more, eat healthier, and stay positive, lol. Everybody gets caught up in New Year's resolutions, am I right?
It's the perfect time for a staycation!
If you don't want to deal with the inevitable hellish traffic coming into and getting out of Manila this Holy Week, what's the next best thing? A staycation, of course. We checked Deal Grocer for the ~*best*~ hotel
In the digital world that we live in, adventures are often validated only when they make it to our Instagram feed-it's carefully planned and curated, designed to look visually appealing both when viewed as a grid and as individual
Or, you know, buy a house instead?
If you're like me-or like any other normal, breathing human being on Earth-then you probably jump at every chance you get to stay in a hotel. Hotels are clean, cool, and chic.The world's most luxurious (read: expensive)
If you need to take a day to recharge, do it with zero guilt.
Ask any woman at the top of her game and she'll tell you that the secret to being a boss is knowing when to hustle and when to loosen up the reins-even if it's just for one afternoon. So
A bookworm's paradise!
Much to the Internet's delight, Book and Bed Tokyo opened last year, and it was an instant hit-so much so that they decided to open their second hostel in Kyoto! There are two types of "beds." One is called "bookshelf"
Time for your much-needed ~staycation~!
For all of those planning on a staycation this Holy Week break, we've got you covered! For most of us, this break serves as a much-needed R&R period so what better way to ~celebrate~ time away from work
There's no such thing as FOMO.
Who says you have to miss out on traveling this Holy Week break? If your time and money won't permit you to fly off for a vacay, here are eight local movies that will serve as your quick escape!Barcelona: A
Maybe a change in your daily routine is all you need to be a fully functioning human again.
A staycation is all about escaping your responsibilities and breaking your patterns and habits, minus the headache of planning everything. But the secret to an awesome staycation is experiencing a change in your daily routine, and we can't think of a
Money won't be an issue.
Money is arguably our top stressor. And even when we desperately need a break, we push ourselves to keep going. But a break from work (and sometimes from people) can be both cheap and fun. 1. Enjoy the outdoors.Put your phone
For when you can't afford to fly, but also can't adult anymore.
When you're stressed or burned out, the last thing you want to do is worry about flights and visas. Sometimes, you just need time and space where you're not hounded by your everyday problems and responsibilities. The solution? Staycations-they'
Need a quick escape?
Staycations are always a good idea-you don't need to go out of the country to relax and have fun. Here, we give you places you should definitely visit the next time you want to get a quick escape from the ~*
You and your guy don't have to venture far to unwind this upcoming long weekend or holiday season. Pack your bags and head to a hotel that is perfect for a relaxing weekend <i>in the city.</i>
Do you crave some R&R with your man without having to take that long road trip or flight--especially in such unpredictable weather? Why don't you just book a room in a hotel and relish the luxury of alone time