It's the perfect time for a staycation!
If you don't want to deal with the inevitable hellish traffic coming into and getting out of Manila this Holy Week, what's the next best thing? A staycation, of course. We checked Deal Grocer for the ~*best*~ hotel
In the digital world that we live in, adventures are often validated only when they make it to our Instagram feed-it's carefully planned and curated, designed to look visually appealing both when viewed as a grid and as individual
Or, you know, buy a house instead?
If you're like me-or like any other normal, breathing human being on Earth-then you probably jump at every chance you get to stay in a hotel. Hotels are clean, cool, and chic.The world's most luxurious (read: expensive)
If you need to take a day to recharge, do it with zero guilt.
Ask any woman at the top of her game and she'll tell you that the secret to being a boss is knowing when to hustle and when to loosen up the reins-even if it's just for one afternoon. So
A bookworm's paradise!
Much to the Internet's delight, Book and Bed Tokyo opened last year, and it was an instant hit-so much so that they decided to open their second hostel in Kyoto! There are two types of "beds." One is called "bookshelf"
Time for your much-needed ~staycation~!
For all of those planning on a staycation this Holy Week break, we've got you covered! For most of us, this break serves as a much-needed R&R period so what better way to ~celebrate~ time away from work
There's no such thing as FOMO.
Who says you have to miss out on traveling this Holy Week break? If your time and money won't permit you to fly off for a vacay, here are eight local movies that will serve as your quick escape!Barcelona: A
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