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We're proud of our meat-eating.
Filipinos are doing a good job with steak. A recent survey by Big 7 Travel has included five Philippine-based steakhouses as part of its 50 Best Steaks in Asia list. With its big portions and traditional service, I'm Angus
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There's nothing more satisfying than digging into a huge, juicy steak. When you find yourself hankering for a beautiful slab of meat, it definitely helps to know the difference between a porterhouse and a filet mignon, and what to say when
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Hungry for a romantic night out with your man? Lure him with a night of wining and dining (think: juicy steak!) at this swanky hotel restaurant.
Sure, it's nice to save and go on budget dates, but we women want to be treated to a fancy dinner date once in a while, don't we? So, if you're craving some romance and your man would like
No budget for a trip abroad? You and your man can just satisfy your craving for global cuisine in this mall!
Ditch the diet and indulge your man with the kind of date he likes—that which involves good chow. Lots of it. Cosmo suggests these great restos.