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Make it stop.
As one of Asia's oldest film industries, Filipino cinema has occupied a place in the international scene for 100 years. Filipino media has only grown since then, and even more so with the introduction of the television in 1953. From
They're nice...but they also have the power to hurt you.
As opposed to the ~fuckboy~, a softboy is a character stereotype who's designed to be sensitive, creative, and who usually likes indie music. He loves late night talks. He actually reads books and he writes letters. He's sometimes
Most of the time, your parents are your REAL parents. LOL!
We are all aware that what we see on teleseryes and soap operas are exaggerations of real life-but we still love them anyway! An artist on Twitter called Little Things PH is breaking these tropes by introducing a teleserye world where
We need to retire this absurd stereotype.
A (non-fuccboi) guy friend once told me that he's frustrated by all the profiles he sees on Tinder because women feel the need to include a height requirement. His exact words were, "It's like females banded together and collectively
'Puro porma lang 'yan, di naman nag-aaral.'
We asked students from different Filipino universities to share the funniest misconceptions they've heard about their school. Can you guess which colleges they come from? Bawal pikon!1. "Sobrang boring ng mga tao diyan." IDK, but people often judge girls who
We know how to save money!
1. That she's all about shopping. Not every girl has unlimited cash. There are girls who save money and spend wisely, too.2. That she feels the need to wear makeup every day. Some girls feel they need to wear makeup
We can listen! We listen all the time!
1. That he'll hate your mom. Unless your mom is an actual garbage human, the age-old sitcom stereotype of hating on your mother-in-law is patently untrue. At worst, he tolerates her. At best, they're basically BFFs and