Creative ways to declutter your <i>kalat</i>.
Staircase StorageIn choosing storage solutions, think of customized, built-in options, just like interior designer Joy Ejercito. Instead of buying another cabinet, Joy added drawers and cubbyholes to the steps of her home office staircase. Inspired by Japanese kaidan-dansu or step-
You'll never forget where you placed your earrings again!
Hang your jewelryInstead of storing them in drawers or boxes, why not show off your necklaces? Hanging them on a round vase or a necklace tree makes for a pretty (and tangle-free) display. You can also stack rings.Use other containersLook
How to keep your <i>tsinelas</i> collection organized.
Who doesn't love their trusty pair of tsinelas? It's comfy and you can wear it almost anywhere-at home, on outings, and while running errands! Here are 3 ways to organize your slippers:Place them in buckets.Let your flip-
Get rid of clutter in an instant with these fab organizers.
We found the best organizers for everything from your brushes to your lippies-all from our current go-to container store, Howards Storage World. Launch our gallery and find out how you can get rid of your kikay clutter, stat!Follow Howards
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