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Make sure your storage strategies are practical.
I live in a relatively small studio. I can get from one end to the other in maybe 20 steps. And because I've not installed a lot of shelves yet, I rely on the lower cabinets in my kitchen area.
Is chilled always better? An investigation.
We've been seeing a lot of beauty fridge photos on IG-they're pretty and they make one's skincare collection look organized. This led us to think: Should we really refrigerate our stash? Is a beauty fridge
Creative ways to declutter your <i>kalat</i>.
Staircase StorageIn choosing storage solutions, think of customized, built-in options, just like interior designer Joy Ejercito. Instead of buying another cabinet, Joy added drawers and cubbyholes to the steps of her home office staircase. Inspired by Japanese kaidan-dansu or step-
You'll never forget where you placed your earrings again!
Hang your jewelryInstead of storing them in drawers or boxes, why not show off your necklaces? Hanging them on a round vase or a necklace tree makes for a pretty (and tangle-free) display. You can also stack rings.Use other containersLook
How to keep your <i>tsinelas</i> collection organized.
Who doesn't love their trusty pair of tsinelas? It's comfy and you can wear it almost anywhere-at home, on outings, and while running errands! Here are 3 ways to organize your slippers:Place them in buckets.Let your flip-
Does it take you forever to get ready in the morning? Make your daily fashion decisions easier by whipping your wardrobe into shape!
1. Separate work and play.Pick up one set of hangers (say, pink plastic ones) for your strictly social, fun clothes that you'd never wear on the job, and another set (in a different color) for your work-only outfits. Try