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Here's a guilt-free merienda fix!
Ever since the pandemic started, our 4 p.m. routine of getting merienda from the street food vendor near the office building is now a thing of the past. It's simply a distant memory that we love to recall. One
If you were someone who spent most of your time traveling to and from work before the quarantine was imposed, you probably relied on street food for sustenance, especially in between rides. Some examples of the most common ones are squid balls,
We know it's tempting, but do not eat the earrings.
For some people, stopping to buy fish balls, kwek-kwek, or kikiam and then dunking it in their favorite sawsawan is already a merienda ritual. If you have an infinite love for street food, you should add these super cute tusok-tusok
Best part: You can find all these in one spot!
There's no shortage of places to eat at in South Korea's capital, from cozy caf├ęs serving fruit-topped bingsu and sweet potato lattes, to noisy barbecue joints where you grill your own meat and down cups of soju. But
Saving for a trip or something greater with your honey? You don’t have to forego the romance. Learn from these scrimping sweethearts!