You got this, bb.
Lemme guess: You just had a huge fight with your friend group. Or maybe you broke things off with your BF. Or you're just feeling generally not great. All of the above? Regardless, you've decided you wanna ~focus
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I don't know about you guys, but ever since experiencing *real work stress* in college, I've always had some type of balm or oil that I can sniff and rub when I needed to relax. We jokingly call them ~tita
Pinays share tips on how they deal when it all becomes too much.
No matter how organized you are or how put together your life is, stress (and the things that cause it) still finds a way to creep in. Everybody experiences some level of stress; while this is normal, it's also completely possible
One minute, you’re fine. And the next, you’re sobbing on the floor.
A few hours after the extension of the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) was announced, I was washing the dishes and I suddenly felt the urge to cry. I anticipated an extension and I actually think it's necessary, but even ironclad logic
Calm the effing zit down.
We hate to break it to you, but stress does cause pimples. When we constantly worry about things (career, personal life, or in this case, a pandemic), our bodies produce the hormone cortisol which increases sebum production. Excess oil leads to-you
I, too, hate everything.
At this moment, as I write this, I have a giant, throbbing, cystic zit on my chin, steadily beating to the rhythm of "The Final Countdown" as if to remind me-as if I dare forget-that things are not freaking okay
And how to fix it.
For those of us lucky enough to be able to work from home during the coronavirus outbreak, you've probably already binge-watched a lot of K-dramas and eaten all your emergency snacks.A common theme from this quarantine period
You can do more than just turning off your phone!
For most of us, checking the news for updates about the pandemic has practically become routine. It feels like our responsibility to keep up with everything that's happening-and while it is, there's also no denying that all
The next time you find yourself on the verge of crying, let it all out.
You know what people say-Kailangan ng lakas ng loob at tapang para makaraos sa life. It's something we hear over and over again. We're told you can't survive adulting unless you're strong and
Researchers have figured out why.
The old wives' tale of your hair turning white due to stress isn't just an old wives' tale anymore. Harvard University's researchers have figured out the connection between the two.So, what really happens when we
In just seven days, I’ve become kinder to myself.
I've always been an anxious person. The smallest things can set me off and make me feel praning-honestly, it has made everyday life so much harder for me. This ka-praningan, coupled with life's everyday stressors, have led me
It's important to build habits to protect yourself from overwhelming stress.
Life as parents can be overwhelming, and if you don't take care of yourself, you might find yourself bogged down by too much stress. Take note of these nine habits of people who don't stress-you might even want to
Get in there nice and deep like.
Need to release all the credit card bill-induced tension in your shoulders? (Same.) Well, I'd recommend taking matters into your own broke-ass hands.Whether you have seriously awful posture or just went a liiiittle too hard on squats, keep
Channel good vibes with these stones.
Aside from looking pretty, crystals can be wonderful for your well-being. They might just seem to be a ~new age~ trend, but crystals "act as conduits for healing-allowing positive, healing energy to flow into the body as negative energy flows
Keep calm and sleep.
If you're someone who trades sleep to get more done in a day, then you're going about it all wrong. A new study shows that deep sleep can actually rewire the anxious brain.Researchers from the University of
Stay in control.
Whether it may be personal or work-related, stress is already a part of our lives. We sometimes dread getting up because we anticipate "hell week." This thought causes us to feel negative about ourselves-both physically and emotionally. To help you
Don't punish yourself with heroics. Delegate, but oversee.
Stress is a leading cause of mental health problems, which is why human resources always ask applicants how they handle stress at work. The key to managing stress despite multiple tasks you need to finish is staying focused. Here are some strategies
It's often related to extreme work stress.
Being burned out felt like paddling against the current," says Tasmin, 26. "No matter how hard I tried, I wasn't getting anywhere and utlimately, it left me feeling exhausted. I was drained physically, emotionally and mentally and lost motivation for
Learn to find that work-life balance!
Stress is a natural part of life-it's not necessarily evil. It occurs whenever you need to cope with changes in your body as well as in your surroudings. In fact, short-term stress can be good for you as
We wish all employers could be like him!
Employees in the digital age often find themselves toeing the line between home and work. With smartphones and Internet data readily available, we've cultivated a culture where employees are 'always on' - that is, they are one email, one chat, and one
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