'It made SUCH a difference.'
Sometimes, it can seem like Kim Kardashian is not human. We mean, based solely on selfies and videos and photos, the 37-year-old seems like a smooth, shiny, blemish-free marble statue, even after having a bunch of babies-which, as
They spread such an important message of self-love.
Some people might not describe their stretch marks as beautiful, but these women are proving that they can be turned into gorgeous works of art. Sara Shakeel added glitter to stretch marks in a beautiful display of empowering art, Cinta Tort Cartró
@Takebackpostpartum is a beautiful Instagram museum of new motherhood.
No matter how many times Chrissy Teigen shares pictures of her stretch marks, there's still a huge stigma against post-pregnancy bodies. It's completely ridiculous and unfair, considering how much a body has to go through during a
'Yes, I'm a mom. I got folds and stretch marks. It's ME.'
ABS-CBN star Denise Laurel has been updating her Instagram with gorgeous swimsuit snaps while on vacay at the Maldvies.The young mom, who gave birth to her son Alejandro in 2011, posted ~*flawless*~ photos of herself-tummy folds and stretch marks
'I'm just letting them be.'
At least half of women who go through a pregnancy get stretch marks. Not only are those tiger stripes normal, they're incredibly beautiful. And new mom Kylie Padilla knows this. In July 2017, while she was still pregnant with Baby Alas,
Introducing Cinta Tort Cartró.
Instagram has become the leading ground for so much wonderful body positivity-based art, and 21-year-old Cinta Tort Cartró is the latest artist to make waves with her gorgeous and truly empowering work.On her account @zinteta, Cartró uses rainbow
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