Make the most out of your break by recharging and relaxing your body.
Because sitting down all day in the office negates your workout by canceling out 8 percent of what you gain from vigorous exercise (or 16 percent from moderate exercise), we're all advised to move every now and then. Trips to the
These moves from fitness star Cassey Ho will save you.
Sometimes your body just can't catch a break. So get some sweet relief with these stretches from Cassey Ho, YouTube fitness star and founder of 24-Hour Fitness's Popilates fitness class.Here's a rundown of everything Cassey did:After
Watch the continuation of our workout routine for your legs. Get toned, lean, beach-ready gams for the season--without taking up too much of your time!
Eager to kick off your summer workout--but can't seem to find the time or the budget to go to the gym or Pilates class? Watch the first of Cosmo's series of workout videos.
To wrap up your Pilates routine, learn proper cooling down with Pilates stretches in the last of our Pilates videos.
You already know that before doing a Pilates routine, you should do a few warm up exercises to prepare your body for the rigorous workout. Cosmo's Pilates instructor Hazel Imperial showed you easy-to-follow and simple routines that target
The third Cosmo Pilates video teaches you basic routines to help you get rid of <em>bilbil </em>and back fat.
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