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Anne also talks about her new role as the face of Pantene Philippines.
Anne Curtis seems to have it all. If you look at her Instagram feed, you'd see highlights of her career as well as snippets of her life off-camera. The truth is, Anne is human just like the rest of
Spoilers ahead (but so worth it, LOL)!
How often do you rewatch the most kilig scenes in Korean dramas? Because tbh, I still think about the bts video of Yoo Seung Ho and Chae Soo Bin's kitchen kissing scene from I'm Not A Robot. It&#
Like how many people he's been with.
If we all ended up with the dream guys we fantasized about in our diaries as little girls, we'd probably all be dating terrible, narcissistic hunks who look great, have tons of money, live in faraway castles, and have little to
They're just four and totally doable!
Some workouts focus on only one muscle group, and that's not a bad thing. But if you want to be efficient in your workout, work several muscle groups at a time. Besides, in real life when you go about your daily
Ever wonder why men are drawn to bitchy gals? We've got the juicy scoop on what these girls have going for them, and how you can learn from their example.
It's a mystery. You see these great guys dating bitchy women and you think, What the hell? Why is he so into her? Turns out, take-no-crap gals who don't apologize for being in love with their fabulous selves
There's a difference between confidence that captivates guys and being sooo forward, you freak them out. We draw the line here.
Subtly Seductive: Wearing low-waisted jeans that reveal a sliver of tummy.Coming On Too Strong: Pulling your jeans down so low, you reveal butt cleavage.Subtly Seductive: Sexily sipping an icy drink while at a bar.Coming On Too Strong: Sliding