Here are some shows that make us go, 'It me.'
Sometimes being an adult is hard. Read on for a list of shows to binge-watch for those days when you wake up in the morning and the struggle is just too real.Starring: Katie Stevens, Aisha Dee, Meghann FahyMeet Jane, Kat,
'He gave me the silent treatment for a whole day because I got a ride home from my male co-worker.'
Most people who've gone through a breakup will probably say that there were some not-so-great parts of the relationship they brushed aside because they really wanted everything to work out (*says this louder so 20-year-old me
Your success isn't measured by how much time you clock in at work.
By now, you've probably heard about the Japanese woman who died of heart failure because she worked too much. The month before she passed away, she worked an additional 159 hours, including weekends.The scary thing? Most people believe that to
'I should've arrived at the airport 4 hours early like my dad always does!'
1. Figuring out how to get through the airportBefore: You'd simply tail mom and dad, who are in charge of leading the entire family from the entrance, through all the confusing counters, and to your designated plane seats.Now: Bakit ang
You win some, you learn some.
1. Showing up late and thinking it's okay or even cuteIt's laughable how much we rely on the concept of "Filipino time" whenever we're late to a meeting, appointment, or hangout. You can blame EDSA and the traffic all
'This is an experience you can't fully grasp until you go through it.'
Motherhood is no walk in the park. It's a life of sacrifice, hardship, and tears. There are sleepless nights, so many expenses, and so much fatigue. But mothers face a lot of other struggles that most people don't talk about:
Go ahead and put a wall down the center of the bed, TBH.
In certain contexts, cuddling is really very nice. Next to sex, it's a good way to be ~intimate~ with someone you like and therefore want to be close to. But it's no secret that some people like it better than
It will be your deepest relationship insecurity.
Love comes in many forms, but to some unfortunate couples, it means coincidentally sharing enough of the same features that people mistake you for siblings...instead of two people with certifiably different genetics who chose to date each other. It's tough!
You look in shape. But in one angle only.
You look skinny. You look like you're in shape because you're not round (and let's face it, people think that it's healthier to be skinny than to be round). But you know you could do better in the
It's for real! You guys are BFFs again! Not.
SENSING SOMETHING WRONG1. "Is it just me or did she just seen-zone me on Facebook and Viber?"You make kwento to her about something and then ask her how she is with her work, her family, and her string of boys.
Going undercover is apparently the way to go.
Unfortunately, not every guy can be as textbook-perfect as Captain Yoo Shi Jin from Descendants of the Sun (and even he had a few shortcomings). Tbh, most of us have to cast a beady eye on our boyfriends, juuust to make
You're no stranger to dumb homophobic jokes from other people.
1. When he shops, it can take a whiiiiiile. Him choosing new eyewear will result in a steady stream of texts as he tries on and photographs approximately 10,000 frames and wants you to weigh in on each one. (But once
1. You grew up thinking that your mom doesn't appreciate or even see your efforts.Nothing is ever good enough for your tiger mom. Not even your best if your best didn't get you the top spot, the highest prize,
When they spoil something you haven't seen!
1. When you have to wait to watch something together. This should really be nos. 1-101 because it's so real. If you've ever missed watching the Breaking Bad finale live because your boyfriend was on a business trip, raise
Pain, blood, and tears aside, it's actually doing some great stuff for your body.
Your poor old period has a bad rep. Yeah, she makes you bloated, yeah, she cramps you up, and yeah, she basically causes an internal massacre one week out of four, but she's not causing all that fuss for nothing.At
You wish clouds would send Wi-Fi signals instead of rain.
You get anxious when people you haven’t talked to in years text you, 'Hi, can I call?'
1. You get anxious when people you haven't talked to in years text you, "Hi, can I call?"Unless you like this person and there's a chance he's calling to profess his undying love to you after all these
Secondhand smoke is no joke.
1. Smelling like cigarette smoke at the end of the day.Even when you aren't the one huffing and puffing on those death-sticks, your clothes and your hair start reeking because of secondhand smoke. It's just not fair!2.
LOL sleep.
1. It's nearly impossible to sleep uninterrupted for long periods of time during the day, thanks to interruptions like calls from telemarketers. You might even have friends that call you just to chat because they thought today was your day off
Plus other annoying airport things that drive us mad.
1. Not following directionsUnless you're a new flyer, there is absolutely no excuse as to why you're holding up the line because you're decked out in jewelry or you have your entire life in your pockets. Seasoned travelers should
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