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If you're looking for a sign to pursue that master's and doctoral degree, this is it!
One of my biggest dreams is to get a master's degree in South Korea and I'm happy to know that I can do it *soon* for free! I know there are a lot of Hallyu fans who are
Planning to migrate for your career or studies? Check these out!
With everything going on right now, don't feel bad if you find yourself dreaming of flying elsewhere and settling down there for a change. Especially if you've been stuck at home for so long. For many of us
They'll be going to separate continents!
Aga Muhlach recently shared that his twins with Charlene Gonzalez, Atasha and Andres Muhlach, will be going to separate colleges abroad next year. Atasha will study in London and Andres will go to the US. "That's our choice, so that they
She's in Cambridge with Hayden Kho and Vicki Belo.
Toni Gonzaga just shared snaps from her first day at Harvard University's Division of Continuing Education in Cambridge, Massachusetts, which offers courses, degrees, and graduate certificates. The actress flew to the U.S. with husband Paul Soriano and son Seve,
The mom just sent off her eldest daughter.
Lorin Bektas is off to take a pre-college course abroad, and it has mom Ruffa Gutierrez feeling emotional about her 15-year-old firstborn. Posting throwback photos, Ruffa said, "This little girl I carried while I was pregnant with @venicebektas is
If you're serious about enrolling here or abroad, read this.
As a generation defined by social media, all of us are exposed to various aspects of the fashion industry, whether we're aware of it or not. It could be as simple as following an OG blogger like Aimee Song on Instagram,
'How much does it really cost?'
There's no use denying it: traveling is at the top of everyone's never-ending bucket list! Whether it's a seat sale or an upcoming long weekend, people are more than willing to invest their hard-earned paychecks on the
Do you have what it takes?
People study or work abroad for a number of reasons. Some do it in search of better opportunities, others just want to cross it off their list of #goals, and most do it in the pursuit of lifelong dreams. It's one
Get ready for the biggest adventure of your life.
1. You'll always try to find ways to be as matipid as possible.Everyday expenses that you used to take for granted will pile up. Be proactive by doing your research, and you'll be amazed at the wealth of offers
Choose your travel buddies carefully.
Studying abroad was one of the most challenging yet rewarding moments of my college experience. Traveling solo for almost half a year taught me to depend on myself (and boy was that scary!), but I know that the friendships I made will
'There are things in life that you wouldn't know how you feel about until you actually try them.'
In September 2014, just a few months after turning 25, I packed my bags and temporarily left my life in Manila behind-to start a new one 7,000 miles away in London.Prior to pursuing further studies, my life was about
Everyone should say yes to something extremely terrifying once in a while.
I'm 26 and have never lived away from home. When you are a Pinay, the idea of leaving home doesn't occur to you until you get married. After all, it is so much more convenient to live with your parents
I've made some pretty odd choices in life, and I don't regret any of them.
After graduating with a business degree from the University of the Philippines, most of my classmates were preparing to work for multinational companies in "serious" industries like tech, consumer goods, and finance.I made the odd choice of starting a career in