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Can you guess the designer brand they both love?
Anne Curtis and Dua Lipa have been bitten by the '90s bug, and in true Clueless fashion, they've both taken a particular interest in tartan prints! We're particularly in love with the blazer they wore, which is
She was the Pinay model who auditioned for VSFS alongside Kelsey!
Some of you might know Sharina Gutierrez as one of two Pinay models who auditioned for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show this year, the other being Kelsey Merritt. However, she's been killing it at the international modeling game
This girl knows exactly what works for her.
Nadine Lustre's hairstylist, Paul Nebres, never fails to impress us with his ~skillz~. In case you haven't noticed, Nadine has served up seriously gorgeous hairstyles this year alone-and 2018 isn't done yet. We're
We don't know which outfit is our favorite!
The '90s style is back with a vengeance, so you don't have to hide your unwavering love for the Spice Girls, Clueless, plaid blazers, and grunge fashion. Anne Curtis knows this all too well, being a '90s kid
Is there anything this girl can't pull off?
2018 is full of risky beauty trends. Colored lids are super hot-peach became the It color in the first half of 2018, and rosy-pink hues are currently dominating everyone's peepers in the latter half. And for the hair, 
Yup, this is the quiz you needed to take today.
Attention, pretty and single CGs (or even happily taken girls with harmless crushes): Ever found yourself binge-watching your favorite drama or TV series on a lazy Sunday and thought you could totally date whoever dreamboat was onscreen?Answer this quiz if