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This cutie photographer takes center stage.
Photographer BJ Pascual takes center stage for this week's menswear roundup, featuring his stylish #OOTDs at the Big Apple:#4 - BJ turned up at the Maybelline event dressed in a plain black tee and a pair of high-waist trousers by
Score tips and brave sweater weather in style.
Time to update your wardrobe with some cozy knits because, in case you haven't noticed, the beginning of the "brr" months has finally arrived! Need some advice on which essential sweaters you need to include in your shopping basket? Here, take
It takes you forever to choose a filter.
Do you open your Instagram app first thing in the morning, and last thing before hitting the bed? Do you feel the urge to monitor the number of likes you get per post every other five minutes? Congratulations-you're officially obsessed!
Art meets food in a whole new way.
If you thought plating was the artsiest food could get, think again.#FoodArt (and all variations of it) has taken over the world of Instagram. From renditions of Picasso classics to childhood characters made out of vegetables, these IG-based artists have
Keep calm, and meditate on your smartphone.
Our mobile phones can provide pretty much anything these days, so we searched the App Store for the best meditation programs that can reduce stress, increase focus at work, slow down aging, release happy hormones, and improve our overall wellbeing in the
Get to know the people behind the best looks of Taylor, Kendall, and more!
Who needs the paparazzi when you can stalk your favorite celebrities' red carpet looks straight from the source? Below, meet five Hollywood stylists who are responsible for putting the stars' names on the best-dressed list.Kate YoungSee: Khaleesi's #OOTDs outside
And yet you couldn't let them go.
Ever loved a style trend so much and realized that everyone else loves it too? Not everyone likes twinning, especially when there are a hundred others sporting the same style. If there's one thing true about fashion, it's that it'
Style pegs for when you want to wear one, too!
Anne Curits Anne Curtis topped off her all-black ensemble with a black felt hat.Liza SoberanoFrom her layered attire to her floppy hat, it looks like Liza Soberano is jetting off somewhere cooler.Laureen Uy For strolling along the streets of
Who says pants aren't cool?
Mari Jasmine wowed us in her copper-colored palazzo pants worn with a sleeveless white shirt, a beaded clutch and a tousled updo.Also rocking a pair of palazzos, Anne Curtis looked like a towering beauty in her trousers and cropped top
Have you really explored Hong Kong?
We're sure a lot of you have been to Hong Kong. It's a two-hour trip to good food and great shopping. But have you really explored Hong Kong? In recent years, Hong Kong has become a den of delicious
Clavicle chic!
Kim Jones of Miss JonesPreview cover girl Kim Jones is clearly obsessed with showing off her sexy clavicles, and we can't blame her. Kim looked like a stylish New Yorker in her Vania Romoff off-shoulder top paired with Charlotte Olympia
Pre-select your #OOTDs.
1. Pre-select your OOTDs.Think of it this way: You only have one chance to nail that OOTD! Apart from it being one less problem to worry about, this should also save you extra baggage allowance that would come in handy
Find out the name of the ghostly mascot!
The creators behind this ingenious platform were inspired by that moment everyone experiences at least once in a lifetime: regrettably sending a photo to someone. We have these people to thank for giving us the gift of sending images that disappear in
Follow these top shot photography experts!
We already shared with you the secrets to mastering the art of the #flatlay, but in case you want more mentoring to polish your top shot photography skills, we know just the right people who could help. Want to score those double-
Raise your hand if you've ever felt wronged by your passport picture.
It's that ID photo we all can't ever seem to get right. There's always that awkward smile, too much or too little makeup, or a strand of hair out of place. But haven't you ever wondered how the
Lazy dressing that's still OOTD-worthy.
Kim Jones looked effortlessly chic and oh-so fresh in her white on white ensemble. Want to cop her easy breezy look? A trapeze cami paired with denim cut-offs will certainly do the trick.Meanwhile, Coleen Garcia opted for a chambray
Inspired by our favorite celebs.
Just so you know, that yellow polka dot bikini isn't your only ticket to making the most out of beach season. Having rock solid abs is cool and all, but if all else fails, there's no need to fret-you
<i>Preview</i> magazine's website,, awarded the online style community's movers and shakers on October 3, 2013.
Get click-ish!, the online home of Preview for five fierce years, recently held its very first Virtual Style Awards, a platform that aims to give recognition to the movers and shakers of the online style community.Nominations were done