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From helix, to daith, to tragus.
With so many different kinds of ear piercings out there, it's important to do your research before you get pierced so you know exactly WHAT you want, WHERE you want it, and HOW.We've put together a guide
Learn how to look chic in this top trending look!
From Kathryn Bernardo's
It's hard, we know.
Before you start to get all defensive about some of these things, I want to preface this by telling you that I too am nearing the age of 30 and this whole process has been a confronting one for me as well.
And vice versa. asked six real-life couples to make each other over in whatever way they saw fit. With racks of clothes at their disposal and the knowledge that their significant other would wear whatever they chose, some took it as an
Here's how your style can give you energy and confidence to tackle anything.
I once had a very open conversation with a stylist friend who wanted to put his client in Donna Karan New York for a movie premiere. Celeb X wanted to be fresh, relatable, all-American. "That's why we're not putting
Your mom and boyfriend just don't get what you're wearing, pretty much ever.
1. Your mother hates your clothes.Honestly, you'd be worried if she didn't.2. You can look at a good piece of clothing and think of at least three ways to wear it almost instantly.Otherwise you see no point
Three alternatives to a frilly frock.
In case you were wondering if you could get away with wearing pants or shorts to a party tonight, the answer is YES. While it's true that pretty dresses make you feel good and girly, there are days when you just
We look back at our chat with the fine filmmaker, who told us about his girlfriend-slash-stylist and spilled what he <i>really</i> thinks when he sees her onscreen.
Paul Soriano is such a sweetheart. Not only is he an award-winning filmmaker (he bagged the Best Digital Film Director Award at the 28th PMPC Star Awards for his work on Thelma), he's clearly a stellar boyfriend to his girlfriend
Ladies came dressed to the nines on the opening night of Philippine Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011. See what they wore.
In fashion, what you see on the ramp during the holidays are already the outfits for next year's sunny season--just as last summer, we were already able to preview the looks that are hot in the current cool season. Cosmo
Stylistas came looking like a million dollars in their white outfits. We asked them what their biggest fashion splurge is.
While shopping, have you ever encountered an item that seems to speak to you: "Buy me!" And even after you've seen the price tag (which bears a hefty amount) you still can't find the heart to turn and walk away
Cosmo spotted Manila's most fashionable femmes at the exclusive event hosted by the country's best-selling fashion magazine. See what they wore.
Once a year, the country's best-selling fashion magazine, Preview, hosts a one-of-a-kind fashion event called the Preview Best Dressed Ball. Cosmo was of course invited to the super stylish event, which was held last July 3 at
Cosmo's Style & Beauty columnist dishes some tips for creating the optical illusion of a taller, leaner you.
Our love for towering heels seems to stem from our desire to be taller. And our perseverance in sweating it out in the gym? All for our desire to be slimmer, right?Height certainly draws a lot of attention, so it's
Work this wardrobe staple with a little star factor—with Cosmo's denim tips and cues from celebrities.