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There's no need to rush to the salon just yet.
Contrary to popular belief, working with fine hair isn't as easy and straightforward as it seems. It's a lot more prone to looking limp and lifeless, plus it doesn't hold well when styled with heat. There&#
All by ourselves!
Hairstyling tools are quite intimidating because they call for expert skill and practice. This is the main reason we rarely use curling irons or straightening iron every day. We think they just take so much work. Ain't nobody got time
Kim shares tips on how to style and clean your sneaks.
ICYDK, Kim Chiu absolutely adores sneakers, especially white sneaks! She pairs them with everything and wears them everywhere."Next to my bags, these are my babies," Kim says in her latest vlog. She gives viewers a tour of her shoes' room-yes,
Expectation vs. reality.
The fit is everything when it comes to clothes and when you don't have the time for alterations, you can make do with a quick fix for an OOTD photo. Isabelle Daza shared her jumpsuit and RAFA boots look and revealed
A fringe will change your look and lifestyle.
Before you finally convince yourself to get bangs, we tell you the truths about living with them. This hair makeover will change your look and lifestyle. Be prepared to adjust your routines-both hair care and skincare. Slowly ease into the fringe
No such thing as high fashion in high altitude.
Flying somewhere far soon? It's best to be prepared and wear the right things. Because if you're going to be stuck in a cramped space for at least 10 hours, you better make sure you're dressed for the occasion.
Are flats acceptable at a formal event?
1. If you must, you may wear flats to a formal event.While dress codes dictate that you must wear heels to an event, there's nothing more unsightly than a woman wearing shoes she can't walk in-it would be
Here are weekend outfit ideas you'll want to try.
1. Off-Shoulder TopDay: Yes, this isn't actually a top, but can you blame us? There's nothing easier to wear on lazy weekends than a dress.Night: Dial up the drama by tucking your top into a high-low flared
Meet the talented individuals who dress Liza Soberano, Kathryn Bernardo, and Nadine Lustre.
Most people perceive celebrity styling as a glamorous, exciting job, especially since it means rubbing elbows with the rich and the famous. And to a certain extent, it actually is: You form a personal relationship with your clients, you become instrumental in
Super fashion all day, every day.
Yup, we're listing down the ways to dress like Bong Soon, because Strong Woman Do Bong Soon just finished and we're still on that post-drama phase! But that's totally okay, guys-it's all
Take advantage of the visa-free entry!
ICYMI, Taiwan is granting visa-free entry to Philippine passport holders starting June 2017, and what better excuse to visit ~*the land of milk and honey (tea)*~ than this?! We bet you've already bookmarked the places you want to visit
Fifty shades of fashionable!
The Fifty Shades star has a mean street style game, and she knows her way around the cool girl aesthetic that's every fashion girl's dream. Dakota's laidback style is all the rage right now, and the
Achieve It girl status with these fashion tips.
Celebrity stylist Monica Rose's name may not ring that many bells, but we're positive her distinct way of dressing her clients will. For example:Yup, she's the go-to stylist of the Jenners, Hadids, and Kardashians! Monica's so
Add them bit by bit instead of going all out!
If your style leans toward edgy or boyish, don't immediately brush off florals as something only the pleated skirt-wearing, Kate Spade-worshipping women can wear. You can easily introduce this print to your wardrobe without completely neglecting your aesthetic. Here'
These work even in a tropical climate!
1. Keep your silhouette streamlined with a sleeveless longline blazer.Add polish and coverage to skin-baring separates with a tailored maxi vest. A pastel style a la Elisse Joson's is perfect for the day, while Kim Molina's vest is
When you're in the mood to go hubadera.
1. Accept your breasts for what they are. Bras and the bra industry have totally warped our ideas about what breasts are "supposed" to look like. There is no right or wrong. There is no "perfect." Without a bra, breasts will hang
It's all in the way you style your clothes!
Instagram/taneshaawasthiCurvy girls, now is the time to stop hiding your body in drab, shapeless clothing! It's normal to feel apprehensive when trying a look you're not sure would work, but you wouldn't completely know until you try it,
You won't be needing a gym membership!
It might seem difficult, but there are tons of styling tips and tricks that can make you look like you shed a few pounds without exerting a lot of effort. It all begins with knowing the right pieces and silhouettes. So if
A stylish trick even low-maintenance girls would love.
French girls have mastered the perfect balance of looking slightly undone and refined. They make it appear like they just threw on random pieces from their closets, which of course, end up catching the attention of street style photographers. It's as
Stuck in a fashion rut? Read this.
1. Ask yourself, "What are some of my favorite fashion things?"Go through your entire closet, and figure out what your absolute favorite clothing item is. Is it a pencil skirt? Is it a pair of leather shorts? An oversized sweater? A