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See which hotties also made the cut!
Ryan Reynolds, Idris Elba, and Drake have been named among GQ's 2016 Most Stylish Men In The World.The trio is joined by Tom Hardy, Eddie Redmayne, Future, Diplo, Harry Styles, and others who have been praised for their sharp dressed
Instagram/powerhouseph_Miss Universe Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach is certainly living the life as she makes waves at New York Fashion Week.Even if Pia has all these duties as the reigning Miss U, we found a clip of her goofing around and being
Major fashion inspo, yo!
1. North WestKanye West and Kim Kardashian's little girl has got mad style! Check out this photo of North fiercely rocking a white tutu dress.Style Tip: Sticking to one solid color doesn't mean that you have to look dull.
Columnist Bianca Valerio chats with a stylish young retail entrepreneur, whose thoughts can help you encourage your guy to develop his style. Share this with your man!
Oftentimes, when a man is called fashionable, metrosexual, maporma, and the like, for some unfortunate (and borderline annoying) reason, other so-called "manliest of men" automatically associate this with being gay or effeminate.Newsflash: There is nothing manly about ignorance and intolerance.
At a party in Eastwood, we tried to find out how your stylish Cosmo girlfriends catch men's attention. Go, compare notes!
Guys are arguably the ones who always make the first move, right? But, let's admit it, most of them won't even dare without the slightest hint of encouragement from us women. Sometimes, it's up to us girls to use
Ladies came dressed to the nines on the opening night of Philippine Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011. See what they wore.
In fashion, what you see on the ramp during the holidays are already the outfits for next year's sunny season--just as last summer, we were already able to preview the looks that are hot in the current cool season. Cosmo
It has been a busy couple of months for fashion mavens. Cosmo approached the stylish guests in two fashion events to ask where they shop--and in what they invest.
It probably looks like no coincidence to you that we're holding Fashion Month in November, right after we've covered so many fashion events in the past several weeks--all of which you have already begun to see or will definitely
Doing your Christmas shopping? We've picked out fab pieces that suit your girlfriends' different style preferences!
Don't you just love it when you receive a present that reflects who you are? This year, we encourage you to get more personal with your gifts for your closest girlfriends. Yes, it's time to scrap the "generic" gifts idea-
Stylistas came looking like a million dollars in their white outfits. We asked them what their biggest fashion splurge is.
While shopping, have you ever encountered an item that seems to speak to you: "Buy me!" And even after you've seen the price tag (which bears a hefty amount) you still can't find the heart to turn and walk away
At a bold fashion show attended by celebs and fashion mavens, Cosmo asked some trendy-looking girls the number one item in their closet.
It could be your favorite pair of skinny jeans. Or those killer heels that are actually pretty comfy. It could be that LBD that never fails to charm your dates. Every Cosmo chick has that one favorite item in her closet.For
At an event that challenged guests to go celestial, Cosmo asked some fashionable gals to tell us what risks they have taken in the name of style.
Still with a hangover from last month's daring theme, Cosmo asked fasyon gals we spotted at a "heavenly" event to tell us what fashion risks they have taken. We were prepared to hear anything and everything, as these ladies impressed us
Stylish ladies were spotted wearing their school colors in yet another exciting college basketball match. What asset are they willing to show off?
Cosmo caught another set of back-to-back UAAP college basketball games last Sunday, July 18, at Ultra. The exciting match-up of schools saw Ateneo de Manila University beating former finals rivals University of Santo Tomas, 68-56, on the first
Accessorizing is all the rage this season. Find out how you can get the look without breaking the bank.
Our September Quickie Blogger praises the wonders of short shorts and gets candid about her own fashion faux pas.
Move over, cheerleaders! These stylish girls caught the eye of Cosmo's roving Style Paparazzi at this year's event!
If you're out to see the most gorgeous men in town, you might as well look your best. Cosmo gives these bodacious babes two thumbs up!