See which hotties also made the cut!
Ryan Reynolds, Idris Elba, and Drake have been named among GQ's 2016 Most Stylish Men In The World.The trio is joined by Tom Hardy, Eddie Redmayne, Future, Diplo, Harry Styles, and others who have been praised for their sharp dressed
Instagram/powerhouseph_Miss Universe Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach is certainly living the life as she makes waves at New York Fashion Week.Even if Pia has all these duties as the reigning Miss U, we found a clip of her goofing around and being
Major fashion inspo, yo!
1. North WestKanye West and Kim Kardashian's little girl has got mad style! Check out this photo of North fiercely rocking a white tutu dress.Style Tip: Sticking to one solid color doesn't mean that you have to look dull.
Columnist Bianca Valerio chats with a stylish young retail entrepreneur, whose thoughts can help you encourage your guy to develop his style. Share this with your man!
Oftentimes, when a man is called fashionable, metrosexual, maporma, and the like, for some unfortunate (and borderline annoying) reason, other so-called "manliest of men" automatically associate this with being gay or effeminate.Newsflash: There is nothing manly about ignorance and intolerance.
At a party in Eastwood, we tried to find out how your stylish Cosmo girlfriends catch men's attention. Go, compare notes!
Guys are arguably the ones who always make the first move, right? But, let's admit it, most of them won't even dare without the slightest hint of encouragement from us women. Sometimes, it's up to us girls to use
Ladies came dressed to the nines on the opening night of Philippine Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011. See what they wore.
In fashion, what you see on the ramp during the holidays are already the outfits for next year's sunny season--just as last summer, we were already able to preview the looks that are hot in the current cool season. Cosmo
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