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Looking younger than you actually are has its perks!
We've talked about the struggles of being baby-faced. Last year, our May cover girl, Coleen Garcia, even dished about it:But, as with everything else in life, there are benefits to looking like you're drinking from the fountain of
Do not resist change!
1. Doing everything yourself.While it's good that you're being proactive with your life or your career decisions, know that being proactive isn't about doing all the work, but about taking initiatives. And while it's good to be
Nope, it's not just your connections.
We've been told to embody certain traits to have a successful career: efficiency, industriousness, intelligence/emotional intelligence, and so on. But these can somehow be challenged by that age-old adage that it's who you know that gets you up
What makes a good and successful entrepreneur?
In business, it all boils down to numbers. But when you're going for longevity, you need more than just six zeroes. Most of the country's richest are the people who have managed to shape the country's ever-growing business
Real girls share their definitions of success.
What is your definition of success? View the gallery to read how real girls in their 20s answered this question!
The fab hotel heiress and style icon is like a walking, talking Barbie. Watch her gush about her <i>Pinay</i> fans and give inspiring tips to chicks like her in this interview video.