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'Sana proud ka sa akin, ma.'
Alden Richards' star power is only getting stronger as 2019 goes by. He's achieved many career milestones in the recent months: He won praises for his performance in the box-office hit film, Hello, Love, Goodbye, received the Asian
'I'm super duper happy.'
Kathryn Bernardo still can't believe the success her movie with Alden Richards, Hello, Love, Goodbye, has amassed since it hit theaters on July 31, 2019.Based on the latest report by Star Cinema, the film has already surpassed the P800
'Pasaya lang kami nang pasaya araw-araw.'
Kathryn Bernardo may be in San Francisco for an ABS-CBN event, but she's fully up-to-date with the success so far of her movie with Alden Richards, Hello, Love, Goodbye.In a tweet from ABS-CBN showbiz reporter
She has *words* for her haters.
Gigi Hadid would like all of the people who say that she doesn't deserve her success to kindly get a reality check.While speaking at an event on Friday, Gigi addressed critics who think that she only got to where
'Always turn a negative into a positive!'
We all know Dr. Vicki Belo, the celebrity dermatologist who established an empire from making people beautiful. But did you know that it was a bleak childhood experience that motivated her to find success in her chosen field?At the #WomenWill event
Just some of the most inspirational #girlbosses in the Philippines!
As painful as it is for some people to accept, millennials are here, we're kicking ass, and we're not going anywhere. Every day, more and more women are starting businesses, promoting change and diversity, and generally breaking the tired stereotype
Looking younger than you actually are has its perks!
We've talked about the struggles of being baby-faced. Last year, our May cover girl, Coleen Garcia, even dished about it:But, as with everything else in life, there are benefits to looking like you're drinking from the fountain of
No. 13 is seriously so important, and you probably already do it.
1. Brew their own coffee at home instead of spending approximately half their paycheck on Starbucks every day. You do not want to do the math on how much you could potentially spend in a year buying coffee every day. That's
Statistics show that more men are losing their jobs than women, making females the main moneymaker in the relationship.
Oscar-winning actress Julia Roberts is one of Hollywood's most popular leading ladies, one of its highest-paid actresses, and she's married to a cameraman. Yup, you read that right. This high-powered woman is married to a guy with
Do not resist change!
1. Doing everything yourself.While it's good that you're being proactive with your life or your career decisions, know that being proactive isn't about doing all the work, but about taking initiatives. And while it's good to be
Nope, it's not just your connections.
We've been told to embody certain traits to have a successful career: efficiency, industriousness, intelligence/emotional intelligence, and so on. But these can somehow be challenged by that age-old adage that it's who you know that gets you up
What makes a good and successful entrepreneur?
In business, it all boils down to numbers. But when you're going for longevity, you need more than just six zeroes. Most of the country's richest are the people who have managed to shape the country's ever-growing business
Real girls share their definitions of success.
What is your definition of success? View the gallery to read how real girls in their 20s answered this question!
The fab hotel heiress and style icon is like a walking, talking Barbie. Watch her gush about her <i>Pinay</i> fans and give inspiring tips to chicks like her in this interview video.
Some things you do at work may be subtly hurting your professional image. Read on to learn what they are--and how to mend your ways.
You speak up in meetings and work late without complaining. But despite busting your ass, you still might not be as far along in your career as you'd hoped. What gives? Well, according to experts at the Woodhull Institute for Ethical
Want to get on the fast track to a prime position in your dream job? Follow the NEW rules for succeeding professionally--some of them may surprise you!
Sure, you're young and maybe a bit inexperienced, but you're also smart, talented, and determined to be a success. Thing is, you may feel that climbing from entry-level newbie to big boss could take, well, years! Which, hello, is
Learn new ways to advance your career through this fab workshop.
In today's sophisticated business environment, career women need more than just knowledge on dressing, grooming, body language, and etiquette. To build a successful business and better serve their clients, working chicks need a wide repertoire of skills.With this in mind,
Cosmo can't get enough of this young matinee idol. Watch exclusive footage of his October 2009 MOF shoot and his musings on his career and personal life.