She has *words* for her haters.
Gigi Hadid would like all of the people who say that she doesn't deserve her success to kindly get a reality check.While speaking at an event on Friday, Gigi addressed critics who think that she only got to where
'Always turn a negative into a positive!'
We all know Dr. Vicki Belo, the celebrity dermatologist who established an empire from making people beautiful. But did you know that it was a bleak childhood experience that motivated her to find success in her chosen field?At the #WomenWill event
Just some of the most inspirational #girlbosses in the Philippines!
As painful as it is for some people to accept, millennials are here, we're kicking ass, and we're not going anywhere. Every day, more and more women are starting businesses, promoting change and diversity, and generally breaking the tired stereotype
Looking younger than you actually are has its perks!
We've talked about the struggles of being baby-faced. Last year, our May cover girl, Coleen Garcia, even dished about it:But, as with everything else in life, there are benefits to looking like you're drinking from the fountain of
No. 13 is seriously so important, and you probably already do it.
1. Brew their own coffee at home instead of spending approximately half their paycheck on Starbucks every day. You do not want to do the math on how much you could potentially spend in a year buying coffee every day. That's
Statistics show that more men are losing their jobs than women, making females the main moneymaker in the relationship.
Oscar-winning actress Julia Roberts is one of Hollywood's most popular leading ladies, one of its highest-paid actresses, and she's married to a cameraman. Yup, you read that right. This high-powered woman is married to a guy with
Do not resist change!
1. Doing everything yourself.While it's good that you're being proactive with your life or your career decisions, know that being proactive isn't about doing all the work, but about taking initiatives. And while it's good to be
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