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Hi, Cosmo Girls!We need you to answer this quick question for Cosmopolitan's May 2016 issue. Game?
Yes, I had a significant other when we met. I didn't tell you that. I don't know why I didn't.
I met you at one of the funnest times of my life. I was traveling on my own, and so were you. But it was my first time, so I was pretty caught up looking for a friendly face. Then I saw
It can be done. For <i>realz</i>.
Here are a few tips to help you keep your man when you're miles away:1. Make sure you're on the same page.Before anything else, you have to have a good, long talk about where you both expect the
Read before you fall in love.
PROs1. No strings attachedWhether you're getting over a past relationship or reinventing yourself over the summer break, a hot fling could be just what you need. As long as you set the rules straight, then it's the perfect set up
Take the risk or play it safe--you decide.
Summer flings are magical. Long walks on the beach, romantic sunsets, endless landians and kulitans-sigh. It's easy to get caught up in the moment when you meet a guy who is not only irresistibly cute but also fun and adventurous.
Oh, to be young and wild and hormonal.
AGE 11 - 13OMG. I met the cutest boy through my cousin while we were hanging out this summer. This could be the best summer ever: the summer I finally meet the love of my life. (Also, the summer I finally got my
Turn up the heat this summer by experimenting with these items while you do the deed.
1. A popsicle. Trace a sexy trail on his bod, then lick the same path over again.2. A waterproof mini vibrator. Make pool skinny-dipping even hotter by whipping it out to get yourself front of him.3. An
We got Guji a little wet for your viewing pleasure. Find out in his interview why he's that guy you'd give anything to spend this season with.
Your long Holy Week break may be over, but here's a little something to ease you back into reality: hot, hot, hot photos of our second of three Summer Online Hunks Guji Lorenzana, having fun on the beach in all his
End March on a hot note, as you read about our sizzling summer stud's date life, flings, and sex fantasies!
Summer's the time for flings and sizzling romances, and our first featured hottie for summer has had a lot of experience in that area, of course. With that arresting smile, winning personality, and hot bod of his, we're not at
Our first featured hottie for Summer 2012 certainly knows how to make a woman's heart melt--with either endless laughter or his sweetness. See his tender side in this interview.
You know it's summer when we make sure our Cosmo Online Hunk is shirtless in all photos--and shot in a sunny setting that just makes you want to drop everything and go on vacay. Our first of three summer hunks,
Studies show that men are more likely to two-time in warm-weather months. Look out for warnings and know how to handle the sitch.
We hate to put a damper on all the out-of-town trips you've been planning, but there's some surprising news you need to know: Summer is cheat season--the time of year when people are most likely to sneak columnist Bianca Valerio shares the best ways for you to expand your dating horizons this summer!
Just this year, summer arrived earlier than expected! As we enter the season of "summer flings," we ask ourselves: Why has this sneaky rendezvous become a must-have for the wild at heart?For one, when the heat is scorching, hormones go
With a four-day long weekend coming up, we asked TV hunks Jay Aquitania, James Blanco, and more to tell us where they'll go on vacay.
We're sure you'll spend this weekend planning (or packing!) for next weekend, which happens to be an extra long one: four whole days of rest and relaxation from August 27 to 30. A much-deserved vacation is the one thing
Cosmo caught up with these hunky stars and asked them about their summer travels. Listen in on our fun interview--and get loads of eye candy!
Want to turn up the heat on your lust life? These bedroom tips capitalize on the sizzling nature of the season.
Ahh, summer: Bikinis, mango shakes, and the best freakin' sex of the year. That's right-according to experts, it really is the season that brings your lust life to a boil. "Heat relaxes your muscles, heightens skin sensation, and causes you
Our gorgeous April cover girl divulges that she had a summer fling! We also got her to spill how she cares for her body, skin, and hair, and what makeup tricks she swears by.
This may be our first summer hunk's final week, but we sure saved the best (and sexiest) questions for last.
With beach trips all lined up, we can't help but fantasize about sizzling trysts by the shore. What's your summer fantasy? Does it involve hooking up with a stranger who looks very much like March Cosmo Online Hunk Marvin Kiefer
If you ever had a summer fling with this guy, we're quite sure it's one you'll remember forever. Find out if he's ever had one for real!
Most flings are, like seasons, short-term and ever-changing--they work out, say, in summer and end almost right before the next season begins. But, what if the hot hook-up you have with that sweet, gorgeous guy feels to you
Who knew this smiling stud had a <em>senti</em> side? This week, the <em>Starstruck V</em> cutie shares some romantic deets and tells us what he thinks of sunsets!
One look at April beach boy Rocco Nacino and you know that he is one positive, good-natured guy. Cheerful, easygoing, and never without a smile on his face, Starstruck V's Second Prince-who now dances his way to stardom in
A summer fling is fun, but know when to set your own limits. If you’d rather wait until you’re seriously dating before having sex with your new guy, Cosmo tells you how to draw the line.