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He made quite an impression on you at the Cosmo Bachelor Bash and Singles' Bash. Now, satisfy your craving for more of this hottie all month long.
You didn't think we'd send you off on your five-day break without giving you your dose of eye candy for the week, did you? It's the first Wednesday of the month--a holy one at that--and we'
Cosmo went on an out-of-town trip with Jommy and two other hot hunks for two Online Hunk shoots. Get an insider's look in this gallery.
We hope we made your first month of summer exciting with our March Cosmo Online Hunk Jommy Teotico's hot, hot, hot photo galleries and interviews! Reading the comments you wrote about the first of three summer hunks, we saw how much
Can't wait to see the rest of this hunky TV star's hot photos? View behind-the-scenes footage from his resort shoot, and watch for his Week 3 and 4 layouts!
If you ever had a summer fling with this guy, we're quite sure it's one you'll remember forever. Find out if he's ever had one for real!
Most flings are, like seasons, short-term and ever-changing--they work out, say, in summer and end almost right before the next season begins. But, what if the hot hook-up you have with that sweet, gorgeous guy feels to you