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You don't even have to get out of your <i>pambahay</i>!
Check out this list of places to sign up for online classes! P.S. Some of them are totally free, so avail ASAP, CGs!From calligraphy and Photoshop to marketing and business, Skillshare is a place for artists and entrepreneurs alike to
So much to do, so little time!
With summer coming to an end, make sure you squeeze in something productive during your vacay, like learning a new skill you can use year-round (Yes, pole dancing counts!).We rounded up our ultimate list of new hobbies to try before
Maybe try something other than an outdoor picnic?
We know going on a picnic would be your first instinct, but we're here to show you that there are so many other ways to spend quality time with your beau other than this summer staple. Don't believe us? Check
Give in to wanderlust and experience the best of the Philippines with these local festivities.
1. Mammangui Festival in Ilagan City, Isabela (Held every May 30)"Mammangui" is "corn" in the local Ibanag dialect. This festival celebrates the bountiful harvest in the nation's fourth largest city and corn capital, Ilagan. Enjoy the street dance showdowns and
Bikini? Check. Sunblock? Check. Awesome reads? We've got them right here.
Before you take that well-deserved vacay, make sure that your bag is filled with all travel essentials: bikinis, sunblock, and a good book (P.S. It's scientifically proven that reading reduces anxiety!). There's nothing like lounging by the shore
Oh, those summer nights!
AGE 13Yay, I'm going to Enchanted Kingdom with the girls! With just ONE chaperone! I feel SO grown-up.AGES 14 - 16My classmate's friend's brother is throwing a house party while his parents are abroad! I CANNOT WAIT to
Not quite feeling the summer season yet? Here are a few things you can do to let the sunshine in!
Even if you're taking summer classes or you have a few more weeks at work to endure before you can go on vacation leave, these little changes in your routine are bound to get you into a sunny mood. By the
On the lookout for a summer home you can proudly call your own? Check out these new residential offerings for that quick, convenient weekend getaway.
Ever fantasize about having a summer villa you can easily escape to with your best girls in tow? We may have found the next best thing--and you won't even have to travel far to get there!SM Residences has developed
Wondering where to go this Labor Day weekend? Go on a road trip to Taal Lake and stay in this picturesque residential resort.
Itching to get out of the city and explore the great outdoors this weekend (which can actually be a four-day weekend if you took a leave on April 30)? You don't have to venture far. Beside Taal Lake in Talisay,
Plus: Marian shares her fave vacation spots, travel tips, how she stays fit, and other things you didn't know about our popular April 2012 cover girl in this interview.
Brighten up your days even more by trying new things this season. Here are some fun tips that are guaranteed to improve your mood and enhance your life.
1. Love sleeping in on Saturdays? To make your bed even more of a haven, buy the coziest sheets. Invest in some that have at least a 250-thread count--the higher the number, the softer the feel.2. On Monday morning,
We're sure you have more trips planned this summer. Don't leave home without these tools and accessories to ensure a hassle-free vacay.
Whether or not you actually spent last Holy Week traveling around the country or abroad, we're sure that wasn't the last of your summer trips. If you'll be jetting off to other hot summer destinations in the weeks to
We got Guji a little wet for your viewing pleasure. Find out in his interview why he's that guy you'd give anything to spend this season with.
Your long Holy Week break may be over, but here's a little something to ease you back into reality: hot, hot, hot photos of our second of three Summer Online Hunks Guji Lorenzana, having fun on the beach in all his
Shalani Soledad, Tessa Prieto-Valdes, Lucky Mercado, Ahron Villena, Martin Escudero, and more give us an exclusive scoop on where they'll go and what they'll do this season.
Summer is vacay season, and we're sure many of you plan to spend the five-day Holy Week break (that begins tomorrow) getting some R&R away from home, whether with family or friends or both. Ever wonder if your fave
Go beyond your boundaries this April. Here are a few suggestions that are guaranteed to make you even more fun and fearless.
1. Single? Every week, be ballsy and chat up a hottie in an unconventional place--like while doing your grocery shopping or in line at the bookstore.2. Make a three-month promotion plan. Start logging all the accomplishments you've made
You enjoy reading his "candid" answers to our questions, giving you the impression that Jommy is "genuine," through and through--and we can tell you, he is. See for yourself when you watch the interview footage.
"I appreciate all the great and positive things all the more now that I've been scarred. I'm definitely feeling more fearless these days," our hot cover girl says in her exclusive interview. Watch it!
With a four-day long weekend coming up, we asked TV hunks Jay Aquitania, James Blanco, and more to tell us where they'll go on vacay.
We're sure you'll spend this weekend planning (or packing!) for next weekend, which happens to be an extra long one: four whole days of rest and relaxation from August 27 to 30. A much-deserved vacation is the one thing
Cosmo caught up with these hunky stars and asked them about their summer travels. Listen in on our fun interview--and get loads of eye candy!
From the fashion and beauty essentials she brings on trips to packing tricks, this jetsetting actress shares her most important travel tips to Cosmo chicks!