Who else misses the Space Shuttle?
If you miss going out with your barkada to spend a day at a theme park, Enchanted Kingdom now offers virtual rides! You can relive your EK experiences with the Space Shuttle, Jungle Log Jam, and Disk-O-Magic.What was your
They gave food and hygiene kits to their kababayans.
COVID-19 has affected so many people, including Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) all over the world. Some have lost their jobs, while others lack the resources to make a proper meal. And because of travel restrictions, going back home to the Philippines
What's your current fave K-drama OST?
Charika, Cleo, Crystal, and Japhet Palange turned to K-dramas for entertainment during the lockdown. Since a lot more people were binge-watching Korean content, the siblings decided to do mash-ups of their favorite songs and upload them to social media
Add these to your travel bucket list in the future!
The pandemic took away a lot of things from us, and one of those is the freedom to go out and travel as much as we want. TBH, there are days when I just literally go through the photos on my phone
Congrats to the newlyweds!
Newlyweds Manuel and Gale Luna have always had a special relationship. They began dating in college, and after separating, reunited as a couple five years later. Manuel proposed to Gale at a Moira Dela Torre concert-however the singer actually thought Manuel
Philmar and their bb Lilo wake up at four o'clock in the morning!
Andi Eigenmann is truly *living the dream* in Siargao! In this video, Andi and her partner, surfer Philmar Alipayo, share their favorite things about living on the island and talk about surfing with their daughter Lilo! They even share the ~sweetest~ messages
It's smaller than a 5-peso coin!
ICYDK, a group of researchers recently discovered a new species of helmet orchids in Palawan. The species' scientific name is Corybas circinatus, from the Latin word circino or "to make round", referencing the way the petals coil around the flower in
Plants need some TLC, too!
In all honesty, quarantine has brought out all kinds of hobbies we were too busy to explore before. For some, it's spending more time in the kitchen and making the latest food trends like dalgona coffee, ube cheese pan de
Featuring some of our fave oppas!
Here at Cosmo, it's no secret that we love binge-watching the latest K-dramas, listening to every new K-pop album that comes out, and of course, experiencing all sorts of ~*kilig*~ over our fave oppas! And as true
No yeast necessary!
Restaurants have slowly been getting back to business, and if you don't want to (or can't) head out to pick up your fave dishes, delivery is always an option. But all those food orders add up, so if
Do you believe in destiny?
Imagine being stranded in Baguio during Enhanced Community Quarantine with someone you've had a crush on for ~years~. Then imagine confessing your feelings and actually *getting together* with that person. Well, that happens to be the story of Jex and
Yay for technology!
Thanks to modern technology, our lives have gotten so much easier. You can already do so much with the click of a button or a tap on your screen-like booking a ridesharing service, connecting with family and friends, and even shopping
You're looking at 3 tumblers, a water-repellent eco-bag, and a Starbucks Card!
Starbucks fans and tumbler collectors, we bring you good news. The brand just dropped their latest collection, and it's the first time they've collaborated with a Filipino artist! Patrick Cabral is a world-renowned artist known for his
They have a cousin named Shakey!
Twins Jollibee and McDonald Pangindian (yes, you read that right) recently went viral on social media after netizens noticed their unconventional names. Family friend Mark Lester Andrei Cruzet shared a Facebook post congratulating them on graduating high school. Jollibee and McDonald are
Her mom had the same job for PAL in the '90s!
Adventure junkies, we totally understand how much you miss the feeling of having your passport stamped while jetting off to somewhere new. Since we felt the need to share something travel-related, what about a cute story that spans decades? Former DJ
You might get some tips from these!
For a lot of us, the sudden shift to a work from home arrangement when the ECQ was put into place forced us to create a work space in our homes. This was quite a challenge, especially if you're used
Her rendition of 'Back To December' is SO GOOD.
TikTok is one of those apps you can go to for your daily dose of good vibes. Trust me, I could spend hours just scrolling through my #foryoupage. And if you're like me, you've probably seen a little
Satisfy your sweet tooth!
We've come to accept our ~obsession~ with all things milk tea. From milk tea cheesecake to milk tea ice cream, to milk tea topped with creme brulee, we've even looked up easy DIY recipes to recreate our fave
Meet Gila Cabudil and Nicole Aballa.
Many of us have spent the last two months in our homes, hunkering down until we're told that it's safe to go out again. But for best friends Gila Cabudil and Nicole Aballa, the enhanced community quarantine looked
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