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Stay protected and matte every day!
If you have oily skin, then you'll know that regular facial sunscreens can leave your complexion greasy and sticky. Well, we came up with a list of nine sunscreens that will work well with oily skin! You'll love
'Attempting to make your own sunscreen can potentially lead to disastrous results, including severe burns and skin cancer later in life.'
I guess we have Pinterest to thank for this, because ever since the website launched, DIY beauty is all anyone could think of. And while some of the recipes actually work better than the real deal, there are products that should never
The rainy season may be upon us, but, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, that STILL doesn't mean you should stop wearing your SPF.To prove that sun protection is that important all year round, just look
Seriously, stop.
If you use sunscreen or sunblock every day, good for you! And if you reapply it every few hours to continuously protect your face and body, that's excellent.But aside from these two things, there's more to know about sunscreen-
Spoiler: It's more than you think.
Another tale as old as time is the concept of how much sunscreen is enough to protect your face and body from sun damage. You might think you're applying too much because your entire body is covered in a white cast,
Take note this summer, CGs!
Being sunburned isn't a good look for anyone, particularly since scorching your skin just once every two years can triple (!) your risk of melanoma.And while most people know better than to expose their skin to sunshine without any sunscreen, sometimes
So have you applied your sunscreen today?
Remember when you were a kid and you hated it every time your mom tried to put sunblock on you? You thought it smelled funny and that it made all the sand stick to your skin. This was waaay before you knew
Trust us on this one.
Walking out the door makeup-free is fine, but without sunscreen? Not OK. Exposing your skin to the harmful UV rays of the sun leads to cell damage and premature aging. The worst case scenario? Skin cancer-the most common kind of
You're not just becoming a bronze goddess.
It's totally understandable to want to have a little color, but you shouldn't lie out with the intent to get a tan that rivals the skin of the Tan Mom."Even if you're using an SPF of 30 or
An artist uses an ultraviolet camera to show the positive effects of sunblock.
Do you use sunblock every day? If you don't, we suggest you start doing so, stat. Artist Thomas Leveritt exposed the damaging effects of the sun on unprotected skin by photographing subjects using an ultraviolet camera. The shocking images show that
Applying SPF is non-negotiable, and you know it.
So what if it's a gloomy day? So what if it's raining outside? You still shouldn't scrimp on sunblock. Allow us to get all scientific on you. According to Dr. Kaycee Reyes M.D., D.C.
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It's time for some fun under the sun! Whether you're hitting the beach with your barkada or taking a romantic afternoon stroll in the park with your beau, these daytime activites are the perfect way to unwind. But don't
Practice safe sun this season by shielding every inch of you from harmful UV rays. Check out these makeup, skincare, and body care products!
By now, we're sure you're daydreaming about all the beach trips and outdoor gimiks you've got planned for the months ahead. But as you start hunting down the latest summer promos and swimwear trends, it'
Confused by terms like SPF, PA, UVA, and UVB? Here's what you need to know about protecting your skin from harmful rays while you soak up the sun this summer.
Ever since we were kids we were told to "wear sunscreen." We hear the technical terms all the time. Sun protection this, UV that. But have you stopped to ponder the significance of these letters and numbers? Does everybody need to wear
Too much tanning? Get your skin's gorgeous light glow back with these great products.