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These are winners, too!
We've seen a lot of fashion trends make huge comebacks this year, including tiny sunglasses. We'd like to thank the Kardashian klan for that one.But let's be real, while Kim and Kourtney may approve of these small
We hate to be the one to tell you this.
What do these sunglasses all have in common?Apparently, they're all useless when it comes to protecting those precious peepers. According to ophthalmologist Dr. Rahul Pandit, this '90s throwback allows "more get around. Larger frames are going
Investigating a very serious issue.
A few weeks ago, Mindy Kaling tweeted, "I think we will regret this tiny sunglasses look." She was reacting to something we've all watched with wonder over the past year: The curious case of the shrinking shades.First there was
Pick one...or hoard 'em all.
Summer 2017 saw the resurgence of those candy-tinted aviators that were the stuff of every '70s dream. You remember! Quite understandably, sunglasses trends are arguably the quickest to come and go-something probably owed to their simultaneous accesibility and necessity.
Worthy of a double tap!
If you don't have heart-shaped sunglasses yet, let this video convince you to buy a pair, stat![youtube:{"videoId":"124","youtubeId":"W1HkjyiVIlw", "caption":""}]
Here comes the sun and according to your favorite celebs, there's no better way to shield your peepers in style than with a pair of heart-framed sunnies! Need proof as to how wearable these trendy sunglasses are? Read on and