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It's from a too-cool Berlin-based label.
Nadine Lustre's relishing the spotlight sans burning in the glare. We found the exact pair of retro-hip sunglasses she's loving right now-well, to be honest, she made it tremendously easy to hunt down by simply tagging
Just in time for the holidays!
Some of you Cosmo Girls have probably gotten that sweet, sweet 13th month pay, and we're here to remind you to treat yourself this Christmas, too! Check out these stylish, affordable items we found at the Lazada and Zalora 12.
Yup, it's a thing.
Have you found the perfect pair of sunglasses but have been a 'lil bit stumped on how to style them? Take your cue from Glaiza De Castro for some ~*stylespiration*~ and check out how she wears sunglasses with her OOTDs:This
No cyborgs here!
Looks like the time of tiny sunglasses might be over soon! Judging by this season's fall international runways, people seem to be leaning towards larger lenses for better protection against the sun. We're talking about shield sunglasses, FYI-single lensed,
So many to choose from!
Sunglasses are multi-taskers. Other than giving us instant celebrity vibes in photos, they also double as flat lay props! Pick the style that you want below, and find out where you can get it on Instagram:Why we want them: With
Shopping for sunglasses is easier than you think!
Shopping for sunglasses can be a bit tricky, and without knowing what you want right off the bat, you could end up buying something too big for your face (a common problem among petite Asian women), or too tiny! Luckily, we'
This can really come in handy.
So I was on YouTube a few days ago and came across something pretty interesting! Nerdwax has apparently been around for three years now-it looks like lip balm applied to the bridge of your nose and the sides of your head
These are winners, too!
We've seen a lot of fashion trends make huge comebacks this year, including tiny sunglasses. We'd like to thank the Kardashian klan for that one.But let's be real, while Kim and Kourtney may approve of these small
We hate to be the one to tell you this.
What do these sunglasses all have in common?Apparently, they're all useless when it comes to protecting those precious peepers. According to ophthalmologist Dr. Rahul Pandit, this '90s throwback allows "more get around. Larger frames are going
Investigating a very serious issue.
A few weeks ago, Mindy Kaling tweeted, "I think we will regret this tiny sunglasses look." She was reacting to something we've all watched with wonder over the past year: The curious case of the shrinking shades.First there was
Pick one...or hoard 'em all.
Summer 2017 saw the resurgence of those candy-tinted aviators that were the stuff of every '70s dream. You remember! Quite understandably, sunglasses trends are arguably the quickest to come and go-something probably owed to their simultaneous accesibility and necessity.
Worthy of a double tap!
If you don't have heart-shaped sunglasses yet, let this video convince you to buy a pair, stat!
Here comes the sun and according to your favorite celebs, there's no better way to shield your peepers in style than with a pair of heart-framed sunnies! Need proof as to how wearable these trendy sunglasses are? Read on and
Pick the most flattering one!
Microscopic sunnies are (ironically) huge right now. This '90s throwback may puzzle you to no end, and we don't blame you-after all, they're pretty hard to pull off and are too small to actually shield your
Plus where you can buy them!
Great for the beach, in the city, and on your travels, a pair of sunnies is a must for every girl. Check out the stylish shades celebs have been wearing and get yourself a new pair for 2018.Look retro chic in
We'll save you the embarrassment of googling it.
The fashion world is a fickle place, but some brands like Ray-Ban have managed to stand the test of time.Thanks to their classic signature style, I'm pretty sure most of you have owned a pair of their iconic
Find the style that flatters your features!
Just like eyebrows and hairstyles, whether a pair of sunglasses suits you or not is primarily dependent on your face shape. Clueless when it comes to the type of frames that would complement your features? We got you-watch the video below
You're not as protected as you think you are.
Just because those sunglasses look like they've been tinted to oblivion doesn't mean they're doing you any good. In fact, they could be making things worse for your peepers. According to SELF, when you're
We've got lots of options!
Summer is officially here, and we'll be needing sunglasses more than ever. And with the overwhelming range of shapes and styles to choose from, we've come to your rescue by rounding up this list of sunglasses options to help you
Protect your eyes from the sun, too!
Selfie queen? Now that it's beach season, you're definitely going to want to update your #nofilter portrait with a quintessential summer essential-sunglasses, of course! If you're on the hunt for an investment pair that will take you through