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Just in time for spooky season!
We love a good rom-com, but since it's almost Halloween, it's the perfect time to binge on supernatural-themed K-dramas! We asked readers in our Cosmo Community on Facebook for their recommendations, and here's
Don't read this at night!
Home is one of the places where we're supposed to feel safest. Whether you live with family or you live alone, it's within those walls that you can be most comfortable. But what happens when this personal space
We got goosebumps while reading these!
Because of the pandemic, most of us have transitioned to a work from home setup. But before all this happened, I'm pretty sure we've all had our memories of spending late nights in the office. Whether it'
Would you take part in a ghost hunting tour?
Ghost hunting is a tradition this time of year. While we don't suppose that spirits discriminate when it comes to geography, historical sites get a bad rep for allegedly housing otherworldly entities, especially when such places have a particularly violent
Ft. Mermaids, manananggal, and more!
We all need a little *fantasy* in our lives and we're so happy that there are romance films out there that have weirder-than-usual characters! Here, five recent Filipino movies with ~supernatural~ themes (if you're tired of