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Swiftmas is back!
Swiftmas came early this year for two Taylor Swift mega-fans!Brittany Lewis knew there was nothing his fiancée, Alexas (Lexi) Gonzalez, loved more than Taylor Swift, and the singer's anthem "Love Story" had become their own personal jam.
And it was Coachella-themed, too!
On Sunday, December 3, Jessy Mendiola was given a surprise Coachella-themed party by beau Luis Manzano to celebrate her 25th birthday. Luis and Jessy's close family and friends held the birthday bash in a townhouse in Quezon City.In
He definitely saved her day!
Kapuso actor and vlogger Mikael Daez and Miss World 2013 Megan Young were extra sweet at the 2017 Star Magic Ball-and for good reason. You see, Megan didn't know that she had a date until Mikael showed up in her
This makes us want to surprise our S.O., too!
Blogger-musician Saab Magalona and her husband, marketing executive and musician Jim Bacarro, are the cutest! For the simplest and sweetest reason to say thank you for "always working so hard for our family," Saab surprised Jim with a shirt that "he'
Where can we get our own Richard?!
June 19 was a big night for power couple Richard Gutierrez and Sarah Lahbati. Both of them had big showbiz milestones that night: It was the premiere of Sarah's new horror flick Ang Pagsanib Kay Leah Dela Cruz, and the airing
It goes without saying: There will be spoilers.
If there's any greater reveal than Verbal Kint being Keyser Söze, I want to know about it immediately because it must be amazing. The final shots of the movie, in which we all put together that Kevin Spacey, the seemingly