Her Google Maps took her the wrong way and then ran out of battery.
You'd probably think a visit to the Grand Canyon would be a trip of a lifetime, but for 24-year-old Texas student Amber VanHecke, it turned out to be a trip which nearly took her life, after she got stranded
Because 1) you never know when it could happen, and 2) a Cosmo girl is always prepared.
If, like us at Cosmo, you have this hidden obsession over anything zombie-related (hellooo, World War Z!), then you'll love this list we've compiled to get all you ass-kicking Cosmo chicks into fearless survival mode during an invasion
There are times when being fearless is more reckless than reasonable. Read these six mistakes you could make during a scary scenario.
When it comes to getting what you want in life, being fearless isn't a choice, it's a must. That intrepid quality fuels you to jump on the right career opportunities, not to settle for a relationship that isn't one
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