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We opened 2010 with this Brapanese as Man On Fire. As we end the year, the Centerfold is once again the talk of the town for emerging the winner in <i>Survivor Philippines.</i>
This was definitely a great year for Brazilian-Japanese hottie Akihiro Sato. Just last Friday, December 3, he took primetime reality TV fans by storm when he emerged as the First Celebrity Sole Survivor. But before he even joined GMA-7's
The TV host talks about how he talked to GMA-7 execs about leaving and what's in store for him in his new network.
Watch the <em>Survivor Philippines</em> winner turn into your fantasy mechanic as Cosmo chats with him during his shoot.
Primetime TV just got hotter, as <em>Survivor Philippines Palau</em> bring on the hunkiest castaways.
Now delivering expected numbers in the ratings game, Survivor Philippines Palau is also fast becoming the most talked-about primetime show these days. We're quite sure you've noticed the hunk-fest going on, led by dreamy 18-year-old Marvin
The once-paired king and queen of primetime shine in their own new shows, among other Cosmo scoops this week.
Darna Flies High AgainTonight, the most famous local heroine is set to guard the night skies once again, as Darna returns to GMA-7's primetime programming, replacing Zorro, who galloped away last Friday. This time, Marian Rivera, the acknowledged primetime queen