The local beauty brand has a whole new worl—er, collection.
It's a great time to be both a fan of Aladdin and SkinPotions! On May 22, 2019, SkinPotions announced they collaborated with the live-action Disney movie and released a capsule makeup line: "A Whole New Collection." It's
No joke, they will soothe and melt your stress away.
One of our favorite ways to relax during a mentally-draining day is by taking short breaks to watch mukbangs or bars of soap being cut. But recently, we can't get enough of another type of satisfying video: beauty swatches!
Unlike old school paint, though, these can be applied on the eyelids!
Revlon recently released a makeup line called ~*Shoot The Moon*~. It contains highlighting palettes, metallic lip glosses and lipsticks, and creamy eyeshadows. Each product's packaging is designed with stars, spaceships, and everything galaxy-related.While everything in the collection is
Check out our swatches here!
There's no denying matte liquid lipsticks have dominated beauty trends, but TBH, we want to try something new. We're now into hydrating lipsticks with long-wearing formulas and good color payoff, and we think we found the best
We investigate.
Like all makeup products, eyeliners have a lifespan. If you're using a regular liquid eyeliner every day, here's how many "uses" you can get out of it!PRODUCED BY: Ira Nopuente, Tisha CaedoSHOT BY: Jean Saturnino, Ruth MacapagalEDITED
You'd be surprised!
We bet you're always worried you'll suddenly run out of your favorite concealer and won't have anything to cover up those late nights. But surprisingly, a regular tube of concealer can last a while. Watch the
Now you know what to buy on payday!
ICYMI, Careline now has multi-purpose makeup called Multi Sticks! The line, which is totes giving us millennial vibes, includes two cheek colors (Rose and Peach), contouring, brightening, and highlighting shades (Contour, Brighten, and Strobe). They also have a primer/pore minimizer (
Get your wallets ready. ;)
The brown lipstick trend is not going anywhere! Say hello to the Sleek MakeUP Matte Me Browns (P450), a capsule collection of liquid lippies that come in varying shades of chocolate. See how gorgeous they look like on the lips in the
Each shade is 'purrfect!' ;)
Peach, whether in lipstick, eyeshadow, or blush form, is universally-flattering. That's why we got psyched when local makeup brand Colourette (whose amazing lip and cheek tints are dupes for Glossier Cloud Paints, btw) released their own take of the
Check out if this brand's bestsellers are worth the hype!
When a box full of Hourglass products landed on our desks a few weeks ago, we knew we had to try them and let you guys know if they are worth the hype. Watch below to see our swatches and first impressions.
If you're a beauty junkie like me, you've probably seen about a million makeup swatches scrolling through Instagram. Here's how it goes: Another day, another lipstick launch, another square-shaped swatch graces your feed. That is, until makeup artist @
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