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You've also seen her in the other OG drama, 'Playful Kiss'!
Confession time: There's a lot of ongoing and upcoming K-dramas this year, but I would always rewatch my favorites instead. My mind prefers ~remembering~ old storylines rather than discovering new ones, LOL. Currently, I am binge-watching the OG
'Kingdom: Ashin of the North' just aired on Netflix!
We love a good fantasy-themed K-drama or film, and when it comes to supernatural creatures, zombies have been topping our list lately. Great cinematography and creative storytelling are pluses, too, of course. Whether you're looking to get seriously spooked
She’s got us hooked since 'It’s Okay to Not Be Okay'!
Actress Park Gyu Young is the rising actress to watch right now! We loved to hate her in the K-drama It's Okay To Not Be Okay (more on that later!) and she's slowly winning our hearts in The Devil
She used to be a wedding planner!
Rookie actress Go Min Si is certainly now on every K-drama fan's radar, thanks to her standout supporting performance in two Netflix original series, Love Alarm and Sweet Home. She eventually landed her first-ever lead role in the
They prepared well and the result is impressive!
Some K-drama and Korean movie characters are hard to portray. To make a role remarkable, an actor has to ~completely transform~ into a different person. And this doesn't just include the spectrum of emotions they need to show-sometimes,
Take a step back from reality and enjoy these gems!
We love a good slice-of-life or melo K-drama just as much as anyone, but sometimes, we just find ourselves looking for something more-something out of this world! From ghosts and zombies to nine-tailed foxes and grim reapers,
More acting projects for him, please!
There's no doubt that *all* of us absolutely loved Kim Sung Cheol as Hwang Min Seong in Vincenzo, simply because he's such an entertaining actor! Although it was a short cameo, his character was remarkable-when he was
In case you've had enough of the kilig!
Without a doubt, K-dramas have *really* taken over our lives-from our moms caving in to watch a series since ~they have nothing else to watch~ to seeing them finishing all the Park Seo Joon shows that are available on Netflix.
They're fearless, fierce, and fun!
K-dramas don't only give us the feels, bring us to different worlds, and bless our lives with a long list of oppas: They also show us that women are strong and in charge of their lives. These ladies can
She even had a few amateur titles to her name!
Monsters, gore, and a band of badass women arguably describe all the internet clamor around Sweet Home. FYI, Netflix's action-packed apocalyptic horror series centers on the reclusive loner, Cha Hyun-soo. After his family's tragic passing, he
We got to the talk to residents of Green Home.
From December to January, the top spot for the most-watched show on Netflix Philippines was claimed by the Korean fantasy drama, Sweet Home. The drama is based on a popular webtoon, and according to Netflix, Sweet Home portrays a "dystopian world