'Sticky' candies are a no-no?! Boo.
As adults, the ~*only*~ real perk of Halloween is being able to binge-eat candy shamelessly-everything else is secondary. And yet, we recently found out that it might be a good idea to rethink some of the sweet treats you nibble
It's sugar rush season! Sink your teeth into these delicious treats or give them as gifts to your friends.
These sugary treats are the perfect gifts this Yuletide season!
Think twice before giving in to that sugar craving.
1. Sugar itself is not the cause of sugar addiction. It's the pattern of avoiding and binging that causes the sudden cravings. Make it a habit to eat sugar in moderation, but don't deprive yourself either. It's all about
You can now buy J.CO donuts in Glorietta 2.
Craving for something sweet? We can't get enough of J. CO's delicious donuts!J.CO Donuts & Coffee opened its 12th store in Glorietta 2, Makati last July 24, 2013. The opening ceremony was hosted by Magic 89.9 DJ Sam
Sugar junkie? Here's how fight the urge.
If we laid a box of honey glazed donuts in front of you, would you immediately grab one? If yes, you're definitely a certified sweet tooth. But don't fret; you're not alone! Many of us are self-confessed sugar
Check out the new delectable desserts this February at the Marriott Hotel's Java+.
From decadent cakes to mouth-watering chocolate truffles, the Marriott Hotel is serving up a variety of sweet creations at its cafe Java+ to entice your taste buds.For the month of February, bring home a sugary surprise for the person (or
Who said candies are only made for kids? Satisfy your sweet tooth with these scrumptious hand-made treats.
Looking for something sweet to munch on? These bite-sized candies from Made In Candy are the perfect treats to indulge in to curb your sugar craving.The artisanal sweets come in a variety of colors and designs, with each piece hand-
A luxury ice cream brand nabs your fave celebs as their <i>first</i> brand ambassadors. See what happened at the launch and enjoy loads of Phil eye candy!
Ice cream has been part of really special moments in our lives. Think of that time your parents brought home ice cream to celebrate your birthday. Reminisce the first cup you shared with the hot guy who become your long-time boyfriend.
Have you been feeling low-batt and <em>ngarag</em> all week? Get in the right mood as you satisfy your hunger pangs with these easy comfort treats.
1. Blues BusterIf you've been wallowing in the doldrums all week, whip up a dish of endorphins. This chemical is the body's natural antidepressant and painkiller, resulting in a sense of happiness. It's generally known that
Our August Quickie Blogger rejects the idea of a perpetual diet and opts for healthier choices instead.
Are you and the gals in the mood for continental, Japanese, or Thai? Cosmo serves the most delectable picks from Eastwood Mall.
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