Talk about a love-hate relationship.
That's it! Let's just all go to Houston, Texas this summer.The glass bottomed pool at luxury apartment complex Market Square Tower is the most BEAUTIFUL and TERRIFYING thing we've ever seen. It's like Jurassic Park - we're
Did you know they made ‘em like this in Singapore?!
Allow us to introduce Joseph Isaac Schooling, the 21-year-old Singaporean who beat Michael Phelps in the 100-meter butterfly during the Olympic Games in Rio:Finishing at 50.39 seconds, Joseph won Singapore's first ever Olympic gold. His win
Sunbathing, beach-partying, swimming, engaging in water sports, working out--there's swimwear for all kinds of fun you're planning to have under the sun this summer. Check out the latest styles.
With summer officially here, we know you're in a frenzy to find that perfect swimsuit to wear to whatever you've got planned--whether it's to lounge around on the beach, get into water sports, sculpt your summer body to
The TV heartthrob and swimmer is the newest ambassador of health brand Nutrilite. We asked him to share with you how he stays fit. Follow his lead!
If you think achieving and maintaining a healthier lifestyle sounds like a lot of work, just think of the benefits in the long run! It also helps when you've got role models who inspire you to live healthy like they do.
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