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They all look AMAZING!
Every party becomes infinitely more fun with a cool dress code. Sarah Lahbati's bachelorette party in Siargao is no exception-everyone had the cutest matchy-matchy moment! Check out everyone's beach looks below!Sarah's bridal crew
Marian Rivera's caption is everything!
If there's anything that can brighten our day, it's photos of celebs' super cute kiddos.Take Zia Dantes, for instance, Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera's daughter. Mommy Marian couldn't help but share photos
She is looking hot AF!
Victoria's Secret model Kelsey Merritt took to Instagram to post a selfie in the Bahamas, looking gorge in a metallic one-piece swimsuit. Kelsey invited netizens to join her and the rest of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit team for an
It’ll be on our summer list for sure.
Sunny season is nearly here, and we can't wait. We're so ready for the sun, sand, and surf. Today, we just got wind of news that'll surely set summer off at a sizzling pace: Nadine Lustre is launching a
...and what we love about them!
In our country of eternal summers, it should come as no surprise that pristine white beaches are a dime a dozen. And, where there are perfect beaches, there is also the undying need for the perfect swimsuit! Below, we round up 23
It's all about finding the right cuts!
Are you ~*blessed*~ with a full chest but having problems with finding cute and stylish suits that can actually support your boobs? No worries, we understand the dilemma. Below, the best matches for you with some tips on how to look A+:
Sharon: 'Inunahan mo ako, Kristina, sa pose kong walang swimsuit!'
Last week, on January 5, KC Concepcion posted on her Instragram account a sultry photo of her wearing nothing but a pair of undies and a leather jacket.But it wasn't just her toned physique that caught her followers'
It's made by a US company called Beloved Shirts.
A clothing company in the US called Beloved Shirts has come up with the Sexy Chest One Piece Swimsuit, which has the image of a man's hairy chest (and then some) printed on it.The tagline for the swimwear is hilarious: "
Plus, even more travel OOTDs from her seaside escape!
Who says summer has to *ever* end? Certainly not us Pinays! Sure, we may be getting bouts of rain here and there, but we can always count on the sun to come out whenever we feel like hitting the beach.Just look
Just the right amount of hubadera.
With summer on its way out, you're better off buying swimsuits you can wear in a non-beach setting. And while bikini tops take a lot of guts to pull off away from the sand and surf, maillots can double up
Supermodel queen Ashley Graham posted some behind the scenes shots of her Sports Illustrated swimsuit shoot, and they are ~sizzling.~ Girl is basically naked and writhing in the sand, like you do. Riddle me this: Why is it sexy when Ashley does
Truly magical.
If the new Beauty and the Beast movie has you desperately trying to figure out the easiest way to become a Disney princess, Enchanted Bikinis is here to help.Just in time for summer, this gorgeous line of princess-inspired bikinis is
No 'dyahe' moments at the beach!
Abs that could rival a Victoria's Secret model are well and good, but let's face it: They're not always a reality for the regular gal. Thankfully, swimsuits that conceal your tummy actually exist-perfect if you're feeling extra
This little trend wants to go for a swim.
When you live in a tropical country where it's hot 80% of the year, it's only natural for swimwear brands to keep on experimenting with new styles. For over a year now, the clavicle-baring trend has been all over
They're still really pretty, though!
We can't stress enough the importance of wearing sunblock every single day-yes, CGs, not just during the summer! Been slacking on the SPF front? Something tells us you're going to want to slather sunblock on every inch of your
We're so ready for summer!
Being a tropical girl certainly has its perks! Thanks to our warm, sunny weather and to numerous beaches up and down the country, going on a spontaneous beach trip is always possible. You might even be reading this poolside or steps from
Even though they're models, not all swimsuit styles are easy to pull off.
Denise Bidot, the first plus-size model to walk in New York Fashion Week and the face of swimsuitsforall's "Beach Body. Not Sorry." campaign, and Hannah Ferguson, a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, share some truths about swimsuit modeling and what really
From petticoats to string bikinis.
The bikini is probably the most revealing thing you'll wear in public, and most likely the most acceptable exposing item you can be photographed donning. But it wasn't the case a few decades ago, when the bikini was controversial.A
But we'll still wear them anyway.
Forget bikinis.Okay, not really. But in case you're a little too dyahe to strut your stuff in a two-piece, you can still look and feel sexy in a maillot (P.S. That's "mah-yoh," BTW.). And if you
Is that swimwear you're about to pack wet & wild, high maintenance, or WTF?
Swimsuits on a woman have always had that disarming effect on men: jaws drop to the floor, sweat starts to drip from the forehead, and wolf-whistles are held back in fear of being labeled a "manyak." And since the sweltering heat