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Who knew dogs behaved differently around pregnant women?
Some of the initial symptoms of pregnancy are obvious: Missing a period, getting morning sickness, and having tender boobs. But some signs are less common, and you wouldn't always know they might be an indication of pregnancy.On a Reddit
Cramps are not number one.
Cramps get the most publicity of all the period symptoms, but anyone who's ever had a period knows they're not the only added element of torment that comes with your ~monthly gift~. Ranking the period symptoms is pointless
Too much stress may be affecting you more than you realize. Read on to find out how you can identify your stress spot.
You may think that stress starts in the head, but in reality it's something that can strike at your health from any angle. "Every woman seems to have a specific part of her body where she repeatedly feels the effects of
Arm yourself with the vital numbers about one of the most dreaded disease in women. Cosmo clues you in.
These alarming signs tell you when your desire to lose weight is doing you more harm than good. Cosmo tells you it's not sexy.