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Some films might contain themes related to depression, anxiety, suicide, and other potentially triggering content.
Movies have been an avenue to present the different realities that people live in. Over the years, films have been used to shine a light on various mental health concerns. Through these, viewers become aware that there are different mental health issues
Being a broke 20-something? She's never heard of it.
Sabrina Carpenter might only be 21, but she has way more money than most people will probably ever see! Sure, it helps that Sabrina got her major breakthrough appearing on Disney Channel's Girl Meets World, but homegirl is also p
'Game Of Thrones' coffee cup whomst?
Remember when fans spotted a Starbucks cup in Game Of Thrones Season 7 and the entire internet lost every ounce of chill it ever possessed? Yeah, well it's happening again-only this time Bridgerton is the show in question.Eagle-
Netflix, please say yes!
Bling Empire swept onto our TV screens in early January as the perfect antidote to help banish our lockdown blues. The distinctly glamorous show, described as a real-life Crazy Rich Asians, is hugely addictive thanks to its absurdly wealthy and quite
Bring on the fairies!
Addicted to Fate: The Winx Saga already? Same! Hard same. Season 1 follows Bloom, a new student at a school for fairies to learn magic (called Alfea). The series is not, as I originally thought, based on Harry Potter fanfiction. It'
'Maybe you didn't mean it...Maybe blonde was the only rhyme.'
Why talk about it when you can just sing about it, right? Disney stars Joshua Bassett, Sabrina Carpenter, and Olivia Rodrigo continue to fuel rumors about a love triangle by releasing and commenting on each other's music. Olivia's
Need a bit more ~scandal and intrigue~ in your life?
It's official: Netflix's newest TV series, Bridgerton, is a major hit! With just eight-episodes making up this steamy and sensual romp you probably found yourself breezing through the show in no time. That said, if you'
Cole Sprouse was already 24 when he played Jughead Jones on 'Riverdale.'
Actors portraying roles younger (or older!) than their real ages is a common thing in showbiz. Too common, in fact, that we often don't notice that our favorite characters were actually played by stars who are much older. You can
Anthony's on the hunt for a wife.
Let's be honest, season 1 of Bridgerton went by WAY too quickly. I know that it only just dropped on December 25, and it gave us eight amazing episodes of hot 19th century English romance but, like, I could have
It even had a 'Breakfast At Tiffany's' theme!
Janella Salvador may have kept mum about her pregnancy to the public, but her closest friends weren't at all oblivious to her exciting journey towards motherhood. In fact, way before she introduced her son Jude to the world, one of
Excuse me, what?!
Beware, Bridgerton fans... reading this might stir up intense emotions if you're like me and are already craving a second season of the Netflix original. After the Shonda Rhimes-created series dropped on Christmas, it's been a topic
She even had a few amateur titles to her name!
Monsters, gore, and a band of badass women arguably describe all the internet clamor around Sweet Home. FYI, Netflix's action-packed apocalyptic horror series centers on the reclusive loner, Cha Hyun-soo. After his family's tragic passing, he
Yup, 'Gossip Girl' is baaack!
Remember the good old times? You know, everything that happened before 2020? Well, we may not be able to bring those back-but we can at least look forward to a blast from the past courtesy of old school titles coming back
Harry's allegedly 'a reason' for Olivia and Jason Sudeikis's split 'whether he knows it or not.'
Sorry to break it to you hopefuls, but Harry Styles is now off the dating market. In case you somehow have not heard, Harry is currently dating Olivia Wilde-you know, who casually also just happens to the director of Harry'
'Bad Guy' but make it string quartet.
No period drama is complete without a sexually tense ball scene in which the main couple dance together whilst staring witheringly into each other's eyes as a bunch of musicians play, IDK, Mozart. But Bridgerton is no ordinary period drama,
When I tell you I am SHOOKETH!
If you've ever wondered what Gossip Girl would be like in 1800s high-society London (I mean, who hasn't, right?) then Bridgerton's got you covered. Instead of an anonymous gossip blog, it's the anonymous
His BL series just dropped on Netflix on January 7!
Candy first mentioned Juan Miguel Severo's BL series the moment the writer and creator hinted at the possibility back in April, and we've been excited about it since. Gaya Sa Pelikula, which stars Ian Pangilinan and Paolo Pangilinan,
The Bridgerton tradition also gets a lovely throwback in the last episode!
Shondaland's first Netflix series, Bridgerton, has proven to be quite the talk of the town. The eight-episode series follows the titular family, the Bridgertons, who lived in the Regency era from 1813 to 1827. Shonda Rhimes and Chris Van
Now we know Hyun Bin is ~the~ standard.
ICYMI, it was confirmed on January 1, New Year's Day, that Crash Landing On You stars Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are dating IRL. The news was exclusively reported by South Korean media outlet Dispatch and was later confirmed
Get ready to laugh like it's 2005.
Picture it: You're at a sleepover with your girlfriends. Someone is microwaving popcorn, another friend is popping a zit (ugh, puberty), and you're looking over the DVD options. Thriller? Nah, your girls get scared easily. Drama? Yawn. Romance?