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It introduces a new security step.
It's no secret many of us have shared our Netflix password with friends, family and partners over the years, but that might become a lot trickier in the future.The global streaming giant is testing out a new security step
'Ang dami ko na pong iniisip, huwag niyo na po idagdag yung puwet ninyo sa iniisip ko.'
Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto on Monday appealed to those thinking about sending him photos of their COVID-19 vaccination: Don't include butt shots.The 31-year-old mayor made the request in Facebook live broadcast, as he explained that
Let's get into it.
When you sat down to watch Emily in Paris on Netflix back in October, you probably didn't think it was going to be kicking up a ton of controversy during awards season, because that would mean it'd actually be...nominated
There's a pretty major connection.
Netflix's latest true crime series Crime Scene: The Vanishing at The Cecil Hotel has had everyone completely hooked since it landed on Netflix last week. The first season in a new anthology crime series, the show looked into the disappearance
'The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel' is the latest true-crime documentary to drop on Netflix.
Netflix is known for its true crime dramas and documentaries, and its latest drop, Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel, examines the disappearance of Canadian student Elisa Lam from the eerie Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles.The 21-year-old
Don't forget your face mask and shield!
We know the changing quarantine restrictions and safety protocols can be hard to keep track of-and especially difficult to plan around-amidst a hectic season like the holidays. To help you with your Christmas shopping, we list the opening and closing
Want your room to smell like the rapper?
Your current go-to candles might be your new fave local finds, but what about one that smells like Drake?The latest in a long line of celebrities dabbling in lifestyle products, the rapper has announced his new company, Better World Fragrance
But a source insists it's 'very casual.'
If rumors and sources are to be believed, Selena Gomez recently enjoyed a number of dates with NBA star Jimmy Butler. The pair were spotted grabbing dinner in New York City, according to various reports.A source has since confirmed to E!
Sleep? I don't know her.
If the never-ending bleak news cycle of 2020 hasn't pushed you over the edge by now, first I'd like to say, congratulations! Your fortitude is inspirational to the rest of us who are just barely holding it
Our tarot reader gives her verdict.
Want to know what's in store for your star sign for December 2020? It's all in the cards...If you think long and hard, you are going to drum up some great ideas about how you can make
'They'd started to look at a few places but, sadly, fate wasn't on their side.'
Just when you thought Zac Efron was going to get his happily ever after with Vanessa Valladares, a new report claims the pair have actually split. Eek.If you'd looked up "whirlwind romance" in the dictionary this summer, a picture
Yes, she and Prince Charles did briefly date.
If you, like much of the rest of the internet, are knee-deep in season 4 of The Crown right now, you might have some questions. Like, are the Balmoral tests actually real? Did all the Charles/Diana royal tour drama actually
'I knew, as I clutched my firstborn child, that I was losing my second.'
Meghan Markle has revealed for the first time that she suffered a miscarriage earlier this year. Writing bravely in a very moving essay shared in the New York Times, titled The Losses We Share, the Duchess of Sussex described in painful detail
While her pals were off winning American Music Awards Sunday night, Gigi Hadid was bundled up with her newborn daughter at home. The model took to Instagram to share sweet holiday moments with her baby girl, who was born in September.She
It's better to just leave them alone.
If you're wondering whether it's a good idea to send your ex an innocent lil "Hbd!" text, let me just give you the short answer: It's not. But the long answer is a bit more complicated.
Can't wait to visit these places!
People troop to Starbucks not only to drink coffee, but also to soak up the sights and enjoy a change in environment. Whether you're looking to stimulate the mind with art or just trying to find your inner zen, there&#
The Crown's royal expert has some thoughts.
As you likely know even if you only have a bb fledgling interest in the royal family, Prince Charles is next in line to be King. Followed by Prince William, Prince George, and then Princess Charlotte, etc, etc!Here's the
I will throw a fit if Dorota isn’t in this.
Attention, Upper East Siders: Gossip Girl is officially making a comeback. No, this isn't just some elaborate plan orchestrated by Georgina Sparks. We have official confirmation and first pics from the set!! HBO Max (WarnerMedia's new streaming service) is hooking
I've never appreciated science more.
The hellish week you had has come to an end and you can finally sit down with a nice-ish glass of red and your favorite mind-numbing show (Emily in Paris, TY for your service) and just...relax. Throw on a
Trendy and helpful? How refreshing.
Wanna make your bathroom look a 'lil prettier in legit 10 seconds? Attach some eucalyptus leaves to your shower head and voilà, instant spa vibes.But it turns out adding the plant to your shower can do a lot beyond making