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Vampires suck. There, I said it.
I love a good rivalry, but sometimes, there's just no competition. Pepsi versus Coke? Pepsi wins, obvi. Dunkin' versus Starbucks? Munchkins for life, bb. Vampires versus werewolves? Say what you will, but for me, werewolves come out on top.
'Let's make this a not-so-silent night.'
Sure, Christmas may be the best time for gift-giving, hot-chocolate drinking, and chestnut roasting, but it's also the time to get a lil naughty and dish out a few holiday-themed pickup lines.I mean, with the smell
Four experts weigh in on this thing men love to weird-flex.
On today's edition of "Men Like to Think They Know Everything," we'll be launching an investigation as to whether or not a man can actually feel when a woman is having an orgasm, as some claim to experience.For starters,
Consider 'entertain guests' checked off your to-do list.
Whether it's a bridal shower, bachelorette party, or the wedding itself, coming up with games and activities that won't make your guests roll their eyes or stare at their phones is no easy feat. Most wedding-related games are overdone
It’s time to like what you like and not feel weird about it.
At the height of Emily in Paris season 1 fever, when people were buying camera-shaped phone cases and debating whether the city in the show's title was pronounced "Paris" or "Paree," I saw a tweet that offended me to my
For the fields of Business Administration, Law, School of Government, and School of Local Governance.
It's never too late to learn more about a certain field, which is why plenty of graduates choose to take a master's degree. If you're hoping to take further studies in the fields of business administration,
Like Economics and Sociology.
Pursuing medicine as a profession takes years of preparation, and part of it is choosing a pre-med course that would help you lay the groundwork for that career path. Aside from the usual biology-heavy college majors that many aspiring doctors
Sultry takes on classics, caramel-tinged crepe cakes, and more!
Desserts come in all shapes, forms, and flavors-and when it's a sweet treat that's of the rich, deep-tasting, crowd-pleasing sort that you crave, caramel cake definitely fits the bill. In its most basic and common
These drool-worthy versions are the apple of our... pie.
Though not quite as popular as cake in these parts, pie definitely ranks high on our list of swoon-worthy desserts that are as lush as they are varied. Consisting of a crust and some sort of filling, pies can be fruity
The only rule is that there are none.
When you think of anarchy, you probably think of black eyeliner, punk rock, and someone who doesn't subscribe to any type of hierarchy or rules. Relationship anarchy isn't totally far off from that definition. (Except for the eyeliner, obvi. Unless
Cosmo readers share the boundaries they try to set and why they often fail.
E-v-e-r-y-o-n-e is aware that most of what we see on Facebook and Instagram-even the happy, fun stuff-doesn't necessarily make us feel good. And, given the testimony of former Facebook employee Frances Haugen,
Sisterly love, eh?
We all know the Kardashian-Jenners are no strangers to some in-house feuding. Just take a look at Kim Kardashian's stint on SNL, where she quite literally roasted her whole family. From taking selfies while their sister is getting
Yeah, you'll want to bookmark this page.
Maybe you're not in the mood to get dressed. Maybe you and your partner don't have the money to splurge on a night out. Whatever the case, trust me when I say that you do not need to leave
Rules are rules?
While being a royal family member may seem nothing but glam on the surface, there are some rather pesky rules that Prince William, Kate Middleton, The Queen and co. must adhere to (something that anyone who has ever watched The Crown will
'I'm not sorry that I met you...'
When future historians look back at this golden age of streaming and television, they'll likely point out our absolute obsession with supernatural dramas. And with so many out there, it's a bit hard to pick what's
Yes, you can order these via GrabFood and Foodpanda.
France is home to some of the best baked goods around, and a croissant-the crescent-shaped bread-slash-pastry of Viennese origins, known for its flaky character and decidedly buttery flavor-is arguably one of their most crave-worthy icons. And
Pink might just be our new favorite color.
There are many factors to consider when purchasing a new laptop-the price, the specs, the size, and all that other techy stuff you probably don't really understand-but if your first instinct is to examine what a gadget looks
'He's very charismatic and can make anybody feel comfortable.'
After months of speculation, Zendaya and Tom Holland fans *finally* discovered the pair were dating when they were spotted kissing in his car. Now, the actress has opened up about their romance for the first time.Zendaya and Tom, 25, star opposite
There's also one with gold leaf and Wagyu!
If you're anything like us, you've likely had egg drop sandwiches on your mind these past few weeks. Popularized by K-Drama Hospital Playlist, these sandwiches tempt you in with its loaded fillings of creamy, custardy scrambled eggs
From the folks behind Design Story!
Call it our way of coping with the hectic nature of modern life, if you will, but hanging out at a café with great interiors does serious wonders for the soul. The change of environment can give your spirits a lift-especially