Guess who has a seven-ton rock in their house!
Admit it: You have been binge-watching all the celebrity house tours dropping on YouTube recently-no judgment here! The rare peek into their houses has revealed a lot of cool little details about popular local stars-some a little more unexpected
You can shop them all online!
With all the time you've spent indoors this year, you've probably made a hobby out of improving your home life with stylish decor and functional kitchenware. In fact, we wouldn't be surprised if it's
Holiday shopping might have a chance.
Christmas bazaars and tiangges might be allowed in time for the holiday season, the MMDA said Tuesday, October 20 as the government eases more travel and economic restrictions.NEWS YOU MAY HAVE MISSED:Coordination with the Department of the Interior and Local
They come in the cutest colors!
If you've still been heading to the office amidst quarantine, you probably know by now that the best choice when it comes to food outside the house is packed lunch. We wouldn't exactly recommend sharing meals with your
Katinko has partnered with over 30 Filipino artists.
When news broke on October 5 that Katinko partnered with Filipino artists to spruce up their packages, titas everywhere celebrated. The first batch of wooden boxes were designed by Francis Nacion, an artist who hails from Aklan and is known for his
Including how much it'll cost you.
Rumors about the highly anticipated iPhone 12 circulated as early as January of this year and as the year progressed, more and more leaks were revealed by reliable sources including the phone's possible pricing. Apple fans always look forward to
What would *your* cake say?
There are a lot of ways you can communicate with others. You can go the easy route by messaging them through Facebook, but you can also be a little more elaborate and say it...with cake! If you also happen to have
From the most expensive to the cheapest.
Globe Telecom recently announced that they are making their 5G signal more accessible in Metro Manila by building more 5G sites throughout the Metro-good news for those who are in desperate need of fast Internet connection to make their day-to-
Why the stigma regarding women's bodies?
Nothing stirs up gossip like a young actress getting pregnant. It becomes everybody's business. For actress Janella Salvador, it was no different, even if she did not acknowledge the rumors in public.EMPOWERED WOMEN:Andi Eigenmann was in the same
'No Beep, No Ride' along EDSA Busway has been suspended for now.
President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday said Beep cards should be made free to commuters after commuters were caught off guard with the price of the tap-to-pay cards that is now being used on buses aside from trains.The commuter, however,
'Wait, can I get arrested for this?'
Regardless of whether you've dabbled in car sex or not, you know that some people seem to have, uh, strong opinions about it. I know a few women who love it, I know some that hate it, and I know
Stats say there will be 88 million Filipinos on the platform by 2025.
Facebook is in local news after President Rodrigo Duterte called them out in his late-night address on Monday, September 28. The social-media giant recently made headlines after shutting down several accounts and pages-some of which supported the president while
Her home has touches of gorgeous greens.
She might not talk about it often, but Julia Barretto's Instagram posts show that she's as much of a plant lover as we are. And if you don't believe us, we did a bit of sleuthing
According to the Department of Transportation.
First, it was expressways. This time, public utility buses are going cashless. Starting October 1, the Department of Transportation will fully automate fare collection at the EDSA Busway using tap-and-go Beep Cards.The Beep Card system, which is also used
Aching to feel the wind on your face again?
With the current restrictions on buses and trains, more and more people are either learning how to ride a bike or covering long distances on their bicycles for the first time. It's a dependable mode of transportation, a great workout,
Don't forget to wear your face mask!
With physical distancing being one of the main safety measures against transmission of COVID-19, the presence of open spaces in our congested cities is a welcome respite. Thankfully, a handful of public parks have remained; and for those who really want
The melon-flavored soju is delish!
Is soju your go-to drink when you're eating Korean barbecue, when you're watching Korean dramas, or when you just simply need a nightcap? If you've been a longtime fan of this Korean distilled spirit, you
It takes creativity and practicality during these tough times.
How do you plan a wedding in a few weeks during a pandemic? Consider, too, that the bride is a recent COVID-19 survivor. Filmmaker Arjanmar Rebeta pulled that off, giving his wife, Khaye Medina, the wedding of her dreams that also
Looking for pegs?
The color that your walls will have is one of the biggest decisions you'll ever make, whether you're building a new abode or renovating your current space. This goes double for your bedroom, as it's where you'll be
And most of their items are less than P1,000!
We don't know if it's because it's currently Virgo season, but it seems like everyone's in the mood to organize. If you've been bitten by the decluttering bug, you're probably
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