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We're gonna need several glasses of water, stat.
People of the internet simply can't stop thirsting after Chris Evans. I mean, don't get me wrong-I get it. He's hot AF! But I kinda figured after Chris accidentally leaked that very NSFW dick pic
'Nag COVID-19 test na rin po ako.'
Updated, Monday, March 15, at 2:27 p.m.: Mayor Vico paid tribute to his "ever-smiling" Kuya Vener in a newly-published Facebook post. "Isang mabuting asawa, ama, at kaibigan. Mahal na mahal siya ng mga tao. Mami-miss ka namin
I am...inspired.
If you need a lesson in how to handle yourself in a breakup *literally a million years later* please look no further than Angelina Jolie, who just sold a painting given to her by Brad Pitt for over P534M ($11 million).According
Tears are streaming down our faces rn.
ICYMI, BTS recently made an appearance on MTV's Unplugged, a music series that gives artists a chance to perform acoustic versions of their songs. MTV's Twitter account live-tweeted the entire experience and definitely let their feels *explode*
Here's what you need to know about it.
It wasn't long ago when the mobile app Lyka started trending among local celebrities and avid social media users. With the app's many perks (earning gems on the app allows you to purchase various goods from affiliate establishments-
The meaning behind his middle name, tho!!
You either know him for his perfectly snatched makeup looks or one of his videos made you laugh to the point where tears actually started rolling down your face. The point is, you definitely know Bretman Rock.The icon first graced social
Did you even notice it?
The Bridgerton siblings from the new Netflix series are quite the interesting bunch. In case you didn't notice, they are even named alphabetically, from oldest to youngest: Anthony, Benedict, Colin, Daphne, Eloise, Francesca, Gregory, and Hyacinth. There may be other
It’s the fantasy film we’ve been dreaming about.
If you just can't get enough of Millie Bobby Brown in her recent spotlight role in Enola Holmes, you'll be excited to hear she's starring as a princess in a new Netflix fantasy. Yep, just another
Pets have provided comfort, companionship, and a sense of self-worth.
We already know that watching cute animal videos is good for us, and we already know that having a dog makes you live longer. But, if you need more proof that furry friends are more than just furry friends, a new study
Will HBO Go get in on the action, too?
Warner Bros. has officially announced that they'll be releasing their 2021 slate of big-ticket films in U.S. theaters and on HBO Max simultaneously. This means that audiences will have the choice of going out into the new world-
We miss hearing that 'Xoxo, Gossip Girl' phrase!
First look photos of the new Gossip Girl cast were recently released, officially signaling a fresh band of scandalous Manhattan elite to follow around the city of New York. But before we dive into an all new GG reboot next year, we
It will be the first time the Philippines will be featured!
Horror fans, here's some exciting news: Acclaimed director Erik Matti is set to helm an episode of the HBO Asia anthology horror series Folklore. WarnerMedia has announced a second season for the Folklore anthology, this time with seven hour-long
They also have sandals and loafers on sale!
If your stuck-in-the-1990s heart has been dreaming of owning a pair of combat boots for as long as you can remember, keep reading because your wish may finally come true. When you think of chunky boots, the first name
They'll make your home office comfier and cuter!
We bet we can guess what you're doing right now: You're in your home office, seated on your usual desk chair, and slouched in front of your computer. Well, here's your daily reminder to sit up
You can get it for just P315!
Any true stationery lover knows that there's no better time to stock up on new writing materials than towards the end of the year. Nothing says "fresh start" like stacks of blank journals ready to be filled cover-to-cover
These will brighten up your space!
Right off the bat, pastel colors were a big hit this 2020. As seen in the collections of designer runways and the latest editions of our beloved shoes and bags, pastel seems to have taken over the spotlight. But apart from the
According to science.
In case you didn't know, sitting down all day isn't good for you. Yup, while your mind is working up a storm digitally, your body's basically suffering from being idle. Simply put, humans simply weren'
Stock up on old and new records at these cool spots.
When it comes to shopping vintage, the search is half the fun. Whether it's clothes, books, furniture, vinyl records, or what have you, hunting down many of the old-school finds you've got on your wish list will
This milk-tea shop makes the interesting pairing work.
There are coffee lovers, and then there are tea lovers. But when done right, tea and coffee can taste surprisingly great together-as proven by a one-of-a-kind drink we recently tried: The Matcha Milk & Espresso Panna Cotta by milk
All the places where you can shop green essentials.
Sustainable living became some sort of a trend a few years ago and it's good to know that there are people who actually take living a greener lifestyle a bit more seriously since then. However, getting your hands on your