There's a lot more to watch aside from 'Parasite' and 'Train to Busan'.
We've all heard of the internationally groundbreaking film that was Parasite last year. But while the film undoubtedly brought recognition to the South Korean film industry on a global stage, there's no denying that beyond Bong Joon Ho's masterpiece
Ready to go trick-or-treating?
2020's not yet done with its fair share of peculiar surprises, but thankfully, this one's more of a treat than a trick. According to astrologers, stargazers all around the world can expect a full moon to cast its eerie light
PUBG has something planned with the K-pop group.
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) has been dropping hints on social media about a possible new collab, and fans have a strong feeling that it's with K-pop girl group BLACKPINK. On September 14, PUBG posted a teaser featuring a
'Ivana' isn't her real name!
Ivana Alawi's been a hot topic lately. From catching eyes with her hubadera Instagram posts, to winning hearts with her entertaining YouTube videos, the vlogger and actress has quickly grown into a social media superstar. Now boasting a growing following of
It's quite practical, too!
Remember the boxed water trend? I used to see those all over social media, and though I never bought into it, I have to admit-as far as hydration-related fads, it was the most fashionable I've seen. That said,
Italy topped the list.
After months being cooped up at home, traveling is on everyone's mind. Once the pandemic is over and the lockdown eases, those daydreams can turn into a reality as border reopen for international travel. So where does everyone want to
The glass jars come in four sizes!
We don't know if it's because of Virgo season, but if you're a lot like us, you've probably been spending your days decluttering, organizing, and shopping for home items that will help you keep
Plus, some tips on how to use them right!
Over the course of this quarantine, it's no doubt that most of us have made drastic adjustments to our lifestyle. We learned how to paint our own nails, give ourselves a haircut, try out some new recipes-basically it's been
The set comes in pastel colors like pink, teal, purple, green, and yellow.
If you've been spending lots of time in the kitchen, you're probably always on the hunt for good-looking kitchen finds to make your cooking area look a bit more presentable. Apart from #aesthetic tableware and soft-hued
It now runs for a whole week!
Every year, writers, bookworms, or just about anyone who wants to celebrate the power of words come together for the Philippine Readers and Writers Festival. The three-day event often held in August features book signings, panel discussions, and book sales. But
Sorry @ all you cricket fans.
Not sure what your plans are for this week other than wearing a mask, wondering when this hell year will end, and praying that aliens will just abduct you already-but Disney's live-action Mulan just dropped on Disney+ and
They'll level up your food pics!
If you're currently obsessed with pretty plates, you're not alone. Being stuck indoors for half a year (yup, it's been that long) has forced us to make our home meals and food deliveries look IG-worthy
In case you didn't know, wallpapers are a fun and durable alternative to painting an accent wall!
Are you in the middle of a home renovation? Perhaps you're deciding which furniture to buy or which aesthetic decor to put where. In case you're looking for a quick room refresh, the folks over at Tanaw Studio
Everyone believed they'd turn into actual Pokemons. LOL!
The '90s was such an interesting decade, especially for children who enjoyed playing with classic Filipino toys rather than today's modern gadgets. When we look back, we remember paper dolls, jolens (marbles), yoyos, pogs, rubber bands, and more. Just ask Nadine
'Feel free to come thru & I’ll serve you xx'
There's no denying how the pandemic has dramatically changed the way we live on the daily. For singer Ylona Garcia, it meant her flying back home to Australia to be with her family. The 18-year-old chronicled her mandatory quarantine
Alongside other countries in Southeast Asia!
A few details have finally dropped about Disney's upcoming fantasy adventure film, Raya and the Last Dragon. And first things first, it will be the animation powerhouse's first film ever to be inspired by Southeast Asian culture-including
Sign me up ASAP!
In J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter, aspiring students need a formal invitation letter to attend the fictional Hogwarts, but when it comes to the real world, it turns out that all you need is a stable internet connection. Yep, thanks to
Spending most of your days in PJs lately? Same.
We're five months into quarantine and by now you're probably wondering when you'll get to wear proper clothes again-you know, the kind that you don't just throw on whenever you need to receive
Add these cute cups to your collection!
If you're having an #aesthetic drinkware phase (aren't we all?), here's something you wouldn't be able to resist: Local online shop Every Inch has some pretty cute transparent cups that feature minimalist designs and
They're less than P600!
If you're looking to add more pajama sets to your sleepwear collection, here's where you can score some: Instagram shop Paperclouds has some chic PJ sets in various styles that will make you look forward to getting ready
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