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This milk-tea shop makes the interesting pairing work.
There are coffee lovers, and then there are tea lovers. But when done right, tea and coffee can taste surprisingly great together-as proven by a one-of-a-kind drink we recently tried: The Matcha Milk & Espresso Panna Cotta by milk
All the places where you can shop green essentials.
Sustainable living became some sort of a trend a few years ago and it's good to know that there are people who actually take living a greener lifestyle a bit more seriously since then. However, getting your hands on your
Her Majesty called Diana a 'nervy racehorse' and complained about her crying.
The Crown has arrived on Netflix and if you're a fellow royal nerd enthusiast, then you've already watched the entire thing and currently have some questions. Primarily: When will Season 5 drop and how much of what we
Their pieces are perfect for stacking!
If you prefer to keep your wardrobe timeless and classic, you probably love dainty jewelry. As with versatile fashion pieces like white T-shirts and straight-cut denim jeans, delicate accessories in minimalist designs are fit for all styles, seasons, and occasions
Will Vanessa Hudgens play four roles instead of three?!
In 2018's The Princess Switch, Vanessa Hudgens played two characters. In 2020's The Princess Switch: Switched Again, Vanessa Hudgens plays three characters. In 2020-something's The Princess Switch: We've Lost Track, Vanessa Hudgens plays
She revealed her exact wallet, favorite fragrance, and more!
IU never fails to inspire us with her style. But this time around, she's making us want to do something else: Declutter our bags. Because while one would expect the singer-actress to have a bag filled to the brim
The headphones have mini cat ears!
Local online shop The Pink Gamer PH is where you can shop gadgets and accessories in all shades of pink. They've got gaming consoles and controllers, microphones, smartwatches, cameras, and more all decked out in pretty blush tones. We recently
Add it to your watch list!
In recent years, Netflix has been delving into animated content for their streaming platform (and rightfully so, because it's got a dedicated fanbase). They have OG animated shows like the popular title Castlevania. They also recently dropped an anime-inspired
They are washable and reusable!
When it's that time of the month, menstrual pads and tampons always come to the rescue. Using pads and tampons, however, isn't exactly the most eco-friendly thing. Just imagine how many pads you go through in a
It's the dreamy work-from-home setup we wish we had.
The productivity boost that a stunning home office can give is not to be underestimated. Even more so if you have one that looks like Kryz Uy's, which is the chic and tidy workspace that's definitely the stuff
These plants are low-maintenance, too!
Succulents are popular desk plants for a reason-they're pretty to look at and won't take up a lot of space. However, there are many other tiny plants that are just as adorable as succulents, and they'
Ever think you'd see a Disney advert full of parols?
We are now several months into the Pinoy Christmas season and Disney just dropped a heartwarming surprise: a short advert with a Filipino storyline! The animation was released on the Disney UK Facebook page on November 9 in support of the Make-
She's a published author and K-pop fan!
Writer Gwy Saludes has built a solid following called Areums after coming out with various fictional works with interesting storylines and characters. You might have also read the KathNiel social serye Along España. Aminin, kinilig ka nang slight. But if you&#
The celebrity couple has clear professional boundaries.
Erwan Heussaff knows he has his own secret weapon to make his videos go viral online. In his radio interview with RX 93.1 on October 23, 2020, the content creator says in jest: "You know, clients ask me all the time, &#
Turn your favorite pastime into a source of extra cash.
For many of us, it's like hitting two birds with one stone when you make money from doing something you love. You know what they say, "Choose a job you love and you'll never have to work a
It sounds like it's going to be our new TV obsession.
The Netflix show based on the story of fake German heiress turned media sensation Anna Delvey is starting to sound a lot like our next TV obsession after its all-star cast was announced this week.Inventing Anna is the story of
Charlie Dizon was also not the original fan girl.
If you've ever been a fan girl or a fan boy, you'd probably relate to how the lead role in the film Fan Girl feels about her celebrity idol. Starring Paulo Avelino and Charlie Dizon and directed and
From 'Meet Me in St. Gallen' to 'Camp Sawi' and more!
One of the most sought after drama actresses of today, it seems Bela Padilla has a knack for heartfelt films that can make you both laugh and tear up at the same time. That's exactly why we can't wait to
It's the fun new pose that's perfect for petite girls!
Move over "Barbie Feet" and "The Flamingo", there's a new Instagram pose that all the cool girls are obsessed with. If you've seen The Princess Diaries, Mia Thermopolis (played by Anne Hathaway) had this weird concept that her foot would "
Pray these stories never happen to you.
You didn't think only Hallmark movies are based on true stories, did you? Some of the scariest horror movies ever released also happen to be based on true stories. The ghosts, the murders, the gruesome killers-they were all real,