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Prince Harry and Prince William reunited for the first time in over a year at their grandfather Prince Philip's funeral and took a moment to talk to each other as they left the service.According to lip readers via Page
From bachelor's degrees to short courses!
Studying abroad is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Not only do you get to experience what college life is like in a different country, but you also get to discover more about the place and learn about their culture and yourself
It's possibly going to be a *series*!
We all know the true star of the To All The Boys movie adaptations was really Kitty Song Covey (Anna Cathcart) all along. Sure, Margot (Janel Parrish) and Lara Jean (Lana Condor) were important, too, but we wouldn't be anywhere
They were the definition of ~cool~.
For a long time, the VJs of MTV Asia were the yardsticks of cool. The '90s can be considered the golden age of MTV Asia, thanks to its VJs who, with their humor, wit, and good looks, won us over. But
Do you believe in the power of *manifestation*?
Some would say that having people we admire fall in love with us only happens in our ~wildest dreams~. But for this set of stars, it actually happened IRL. In a cute twist of fate, these celebrities gushed over their now-SOs
They asked him to guest star for three to five episodes!
In case you missed the devastating news (KIM KARDASHIAN AND I ARE NOT OKAY), The Duke of Hastings, aka Regé-Jean Page won't be returning to Bridgerton Season 2. And apparently he turned down a truly huge payday.According to
They're in no rush!
Finding meaningful relationships in life is important, but some people just choose not to rush the process, and that's totally fine. While some people may think that your worth as a person is reflected in romantic relationships, these celebrities are
Just the kind of GV we need!
It's always interesting to see what celebrities are really like beyond all the onscreen glam and fame, and it's even more refreshing to witness their real and candid interactions with their equally-famous family members.Lorin Gutierrez and
In case you needed an even bigger dose of that the-world-is-ending feeling.
There's nothing like a good old apocalypse movie to make you feel alive again. We know the general mood right now is making you feel like you're living out the last days of Earth as we humans know
What is it with her and well-meaning but severely misguided characters?
Gwyneth Paltrow, Alicia Silverstone, and now, Anya Taylor-Joy. The Golden Globe awardee-for her role as Beth Harmon in The Queen's Gambit, of course-is the latest actress to take on the role of Jane Austen's Emma
They're literally all-caps RICH.
I know that the combination of "Taylor Swift" and the word "cats" may cause alarming flashbacks to the musical-turned-movie/horror show Cats, so please be advised that we're here to talk about Taylor Swift's actual, physical
Don't worry! There's going to be another season of 'You.'
As much fun as it can be to anticipate a new installment of shows like WandaVision or This Is Us every week, sometimes, all I really want to do is attach myself to the couch and watch an entire season of a
Simon, Duke of Hastings voice: 'You'll burn for these picks.' (Sorry!)
Modern day got you down? Take a journey to the past with these period dramas. If you're all about old-timey courtship and wish you could settle your personal drama with a duel... first of all, yikes, but second of
It's serving all the après-ski chic.
Well, folks, fashion and true crime collide once again. If you thought Lady Gaga was done with acting after her amazing performance in A Star Is Born, then you're sadly mistaken. She's in the middle of filming the
We KNEW it!
It's hard to keep a relationship a secret when you're always under the spotlight. But there are those rare celebrities who managed to surprise everyone with a relationship bombshell after keeping things on the down-low. Here are
It's called 'He's All That.'
Ah, the '90s. The decade of unbeatable teen flicks like Clueless, 10 Things I Hate About You, and the love-it-or-hate-it classic, She's All That. And it looks like a new generation is set to enjoy
Looks like 'stunt double' is not part of her vocab!
Park Shin Hye is known for her badass roles. But her character Kang Seo Hae in the new Netflix K-drama Sisyphus? Even more so. The new sci-fi action series currently has everyone hooked on the streaming platform and in case
Former child star Trina Legaspi is all grown up and ready to tie the knot!
Remember Hopia from Goin' Bulilit? Well, ICYMI, the former child star-whose real name is Trina Legaspi-is all grown up and is actually about to tie the knot soon. Now 26 years old, the actress recently stunned the internet when
The model gave birth two weeks ago.
Model Emily Ratajkowski, who gave birth to her first child Sylvester Apollo Bear on March 8, has divided social media users after sharing a video and photo of her post-partum body. So far, the images have garnered over 63,000 likes
She's a self-confessed shy girl with a penchant for budget-friendly fashion!
YouTube has given us some of our go-to content creators throughout the years, one of which is 22-year-old fashion and lifestyle YouTuber Ashley Garcia. With her pastel-tinged Instagram feed and her almost four hundred thousand-strong YouTube following,