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These Gen Z celebs had their respective coming-of-age festivities early on this year!
We're through with the first half of 2021 (Can you believe it?). So far, several debutantes-even those who had their 18th birthday last year but couldn't celebrate the way they wanted to because of lockdown restrictions-already
'Accept mo na lang kung ano yung body na binigay sa iyo.'
For years, Andrea Torres has been debunking rumors she's had surgery to reduce the size of her breasts.She's also been criticized for the size of her breasts, which started after she played the role of Sif in
Things seem to be taking a turn for the slightly messy between Britney Spears and her sister Jamie Lynn Spears. Over the weekend, Britney hopped on Instagram to call out her family in a lengthy post, writing in part, "I don'
We've all been a Devi...or a Ben, or a Paxton.
It's common knowledge that teen TV shows tend to *heighten* dramatic experiences for the ratings, but now that there's more emphasis on proper representation in media, it's incredibly refreshing to find overused story arcs handled with
Here's to hoping they can safely get started again soon.
Bridgerton Season 2 has stopped production for the second time due to another positive COVID-19 test on set. According to Deadline, production on the massively popular Netflix show has been paused "for an indefinite period" as producers "establish a timetable for
Slater Young was called the *Hotshot Engineer of Cebu* during his 'PBB' stint!
Before entering the entertainment industry, some celebrities followed totally different career paths. ICYDK, some of your favorite stars once dreamt of becoming doctors or lawyers. This time, we're rounding up international and local showbiz personalities who wanted to become engineers
From singer-songwriters to rappers!
We love a good success story, especially if it involves second- or third-generation Filipino-American immigrants making waves in the music industry. We've heard all about the Filipino-Americans in Hollywood, from Lou Diamond Philips to Dave Bautista. And
No drama to be found!
Hailey Bieber is setting the record straight about a video which some fans incorrectly thought depicted Justin Bieber "yelling" at her after an impromptu performance in Vegas. The video went viral on TikTok over the weekend (and has since been removed) and
Pretty sure she just didn't notice them, but okay!
Priyanka Chopra hit up the Wimbledon Women's Final last weekend, and apparently, people think she purposely snubbed Prince William and Kate Middleton when they arrived. Which...probably is not the case.In a video from the event making the rounds
We're bringing back a few times his questions have honestly made us *think*.
Boy Abunda has been in the entertainment industry since the '90s. Yup, it has been nearly three decades since he first showed up on our TV screens as a host on GMA's Startalk with Kris Aquino and Lolit Solis-
You'll never believe who it is!
Gossip Girl (the reboot) is officially here, and while details about the show were very sparse up until the release of the first episode, we've got a lot to go on now that it's finally available. There were
Some of your favorite internet influencers also have acting chops in them.
Many of today's top social media content creators are adored by fans for showing their real and raw personalities online. They're not one to shy away from sharing their daily lives-bloopers and all-whether it be through
Fun fact, two people are now dating IRL.
In the age where Netflix seems to run the world, it's no surprise the streaming giant is starting to step into the more, shall we say, erotic parts of original programming. Why else do you think people are repeatedly bingeing
Nate Archibald's name is dropped in, like, the first scene.
Good morning, Upper East Siders! After a 12-year wait, the new Gossip Girl is officially here. Even though we're being introduced to all new characters with (almost) all new problems, there are tons of throwbacks to the original series
Oh yes, things got complicated.
Switching things up is always a normal part of anyone's career-actors included. So why is it that it is almost always big news when a star decides to change networks? Big networks in the Philippines move a lot like
It's v v binge-worthy!
On July 1, Netflix dropped the first season of Young Royals, and everyone's been saying the same thing about the new series-it's basically Gossip Girl meets The Crown. Hard to imagine, but stick with us here.The
There's photo proof, y'all.
Where were you when you found out Zendaya and Tom Holland are a thing? I was scrolling on Instagram, minding my own business when I read that the Spider-Man: Homecoming costars were seen making out IN A CAR. Page Six has
Serena van der Woodsen could honestly never.
Gossip Girl is coming back into our lives, and my feelings on the reboot are best summarized as INJECT IT DIRECTLY INTO MY BODY. If the original is any indication, this show is going to be explosively good (especially now that it&#
Before KathNiel and LizQuen, these were the pairings people were rooting for.
Before our favorite love teams rose to popularity, some of them were paired up on old projects with a different star. We may now have the likes of KathNiel, LizQuen, and even JaDine as a few of the top love teams in